Relax! You Can Get More Done in Less Time

By Hilary DeCesare | Nov 3, 2020

Are you using your time wisely? When it comes to your to-do list, you may not be thinking too much about your time management skills, but my guess is you DO think about checking to-do items off as quickly as possible. Especially now, when many of us are working and learning remotely, staying on top…

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5 Secrets to Help You Connect with Others

By Hilary DeCesare | Oct 22, 2020

Are your CONNECTIONS increasing your potential? The network you build with others can be a POWERFUL tool in determining your FUTURE, both personally and professionally. But in today’s digital landscape, creating MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIPS can be a challenge. Jake Kelfer is a master at helping others connect. He’s a speaker, executive coach, and best-selling author of…

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The 3 Secrets To Not Let Fear Hold You Back from Success

By Hilary DeCesare | Oct 12, 2020

Are you afraid of your own SUCCESS? You may not be sure, so to start, ask yourself the following: Am I afraid of what will happen if I’m successful? Do I think my success will change my identity? Do I worry my life won’t be the same? If you answered yes to any of these…

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How to Get Back Up When Life Knocks You Down

By Hilary DeCesare | Sep 30, 2020

When life knocks you DOWN, how good are you at getting back UP and TRYING AGAIN? I believe the KEY to coming back from the BIG HITS is RESILIENCE. And Rodney Flowers is an expert at it. Rodney is an author, speaker, and resilience trainer with an INSPIRING story about the power of BOUNCING BACK.…

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3 Ways to Make the Good in Your Life Stick

By Hilary DeCesare | Sep 23, 2020

How do you tell your stories? Do you like the reaction you get from the dramatic? When it comes to your life, does the SENSATIONAL sound better? One of my grandmothers lived to be 105 years old, and as long as she lived, she had a story to tell. Her stories were often fantastical –…

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4 Steps to Build a Solid Foundation in Your Life

By Hilary DeCesare | Sep 16, 2020

What’s your go to foundation? Do you like a heavy layer to hide all your laugh lines, or do you go for a light and sheer formula that gives people a glimpse of the real you, wrinkles and all? Even though I’m now in my 50’s, I use a very light foundation for a reason.…

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5 Tips that Successful Entrepreneurs Do Weekly to Increase Profits

By Hilary DeCesare | Sep 14, 2020

How can I increase my profits? It’s the question I hear all the time, in fact dare I say every week, in my 20+ year coaching business. It comes from the mouth of both my private clients at the helm of multi-million dollar businesses and on the opposite end of the spectrum who are just…

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The 2 Things You Need Right Now to Get Back to Business

By Hilary DeCesare | Sep 9, 2020

The only real constant is change, right? Now more than ever, it seems very little stays the same. In the midst of a global pandemic, we’ve changed so much about our lives. From the way we work out, to what we buy (or don’t buy), to how we conduct business – Zoom, anyone? – things…

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Go from Victim to Victor in Just 4 Steps

By Hilary DeCesare | Sep 2, 2020

Are you ready to kiss 2020 goodbye? Let’s face it – this year has been a tough one in many ways. But before you go wishing it away, there’s still time left. In fact, a whole quarter. My question is – what will you do with Q4? You’ve got 3 months. What can you do…

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