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Get the 4-Step Magic Formula To Ignite Business Growth     LEARN MORE

Empowering Entrepreneurs through Resilience and Courage

What does it take to pivot from rock bottom to skyrocketing success? Join us as we dive into the awe-inspiring journey of Shameca Tankerson, whose incredible resilience and innovation led her to a staggering 1,836% revenue growth and a prestigious spot at number 310 on the Inc. 5000 list. Shameca opens her heart about the harrowing experience of losing her first business, home, and car during the 2008 economic crisis, and finding herself in a welfare office. Through her story, she sheds light on how these challenging times fuelled her mission to empower entrepreneurs to achieve massive wealth and build generational dynasties.

We will explore the essence of courage and personal growth with Shameca, who turned sales into a powerful mirror for self-reflection and transformation. Discover her profound insights on breaking through shame, overcoming limiting beliefs, and transitioning from six-figure earnings to seven-figure days. Learn how a simple yet profound shift in mindset can lead to exponential growth, and uncover practical methods to unlock your wealth potential.

Key Takeaways

  • Overcoming shame and building self-worth as an entrepreneur.
  • Using sales as a mirror to change narrative and leading to success
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs and embracing exponential thinking to achieve financial success
  • Playing games with money and embracing openness and willingness to create abundance in your life.
  • The importance of setting realistic deadlines and not limiting one’s potential.
  • Believing in the value of what you’re selling and delivering a transformation.
  • Meeting people where they are and loving them without expecting anything in return.

About our Guest:

Shameca Tankerson – trailblazer, wealth code shifter, and the achiever of impossible goals.

It is her courage to make millions that landed her business as #310 on the Inc. 5000 list with 1,836% revenue growth in just 3 years.

Which is why she is on a mission to empower entrepreneurial giants to experience massive wealth fast and become self-made millionaires that build dynasties and enduring generational wealth.

Her definition of the impossible is all the stuff that has never been done before and most believe will never be done. Or let’s get real, the impossible is what MOST will never and can never do.

Helping her clients get THERE… is her life’s work. Creating a million-dollar business was her own private impossible… until she did it. A million dollars in a month was equally unfathomable… until she did it. And a million dollars in a day… talk about the impossible… Until. She. did. it.

Shameca facilitates full immersion experiences, workshops, and conferences that help her clients push the limits of their own possibility to accomplish their most impossible income (revenue) goals.

Shameca has been prominently featured in major media like Forbes, NBC, FOX, Wall Street Journal, SUCCESS, CNN, NAWBO, CBS, eWOMEN, NBC, FORBES, WALL STREET JOURNAL, FOX.

To summarize what Shameca represents is simple:

Her methodology – unrivaled.

Her results – untouchable.

Her power – undeniable.


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