Episode 39: How to Learn How to Have Joy in Your Heart - Chick Chat with Kelly Foster

Joy is something that we all want to experience in life, especially when it comes to our career or path in life. But it’s not always a straight road and we don’t always listen to our heart. On this episode you’ll hear from Kelly Foster, a life learner who believes we must face the voices from within to live an authentic life and be willing to listen. With successful careers as an accomplished Tech Account Executive, celebrated chef, wellness coach, pilates instructor, and more she has tips galore to share on how to start living a life that fulfills you from the inside out.




Behind the Scenes

Guest Bio

My name is Kelly Foster. I am a Health and Wellness Coach (Guide). I help women who want to reclaim their relationship with food as it relates to their body. As women, we now balance being breadwinners, mothers and our lives on top of it all. We try to be everything to everyone and in doing that, we lose sight of ourselves, which means our relationship with the single most important person, falls by the wayside. I’m talking about the relationship with ourselves. Many women are often the center of the household, and believe me, I know from experience, we tend to burn the candle at both ends. By always trying to be on and demanding more and more of ourselves, without ever giving pause to honor our own sacred time, how can we continue to give fully and wholly to those that depend upon us; whether it be at work or at home and anywhere else in between? And instead of taking care of ourselves, we get run down, drinking coffee for energy and wine to wind down and then eat sugar and empty calorie, non-nutritious “foods” to get us through the day on a hope and a prayer, only to repeat it again the next day, praying we don’t get sick from the stress and constant demands we place on ourselves to perform.

I know because I was that person. I was working and eating tons of sugar and while I was never a dependent coffee drinker, juice with lots of added sugar was my go to energy and comfort drink.

I wondered why I could barely get through the day. What I didn’t realize was that I somehow managed to slip away from the home cooked meals I used to make, and my love for the kitchen that I somehow abandoned for fancy overpriced dinners out of convenience sake. My career was going nowhere, as I was in a job that made me feel miserable, and left me crying every morning as I got ready for work. I didn’t have any passion for it! It was more like I passionately hated it!

My intuition sent me on a journey to quit my job and enroll in culinary school so that I could rekindle my love of good food and my love of cooking and take it to the next level. I graduated school and worked for a couple of restaurants and then for myself as a personal chef for families. I have held nonprofit jobs, corporate jobs, and then I experienced the loss of a parent to an auto-immune disease and then the loss of another parent to cancer. I feel as though all of these experiences led me on my path to becoming a health and wellness coach. I genuinely understand how the events in our lives, negative and positive have a powerful effect on our mind, body and spirit – our path.

I consider myself a wellness warrior because so often, it can feel like we have no one in our corner supporting us, holding us accountable and helping us to create a safe and grounded place where we don’t just exist, but where we can live and thrive! As a coach, I support my clients in their goals so they can evolve into the woman they want to be and obtain and live the goals they set for themselves. We spend so much time looking at what others have instead of creating if for ourselves. I help women who have lost that connection with themselves, get it back.

I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I studied a variety of dietary theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods. With my knowledge, we co-create completely personalized actions based on your goals to move you toward your ideal vision of health within your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and resources. I also received my plant based certificate from the Center for Nutrition Studies from eCornell's program and my culinary training from The SF Culinary Institute. I am also certified in Reiki. I believe that working with energy is also an important contributor to a person's well-being.

Website: http://kellyfoster.net/


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