Episode 41: Why Reclaiming Your Life Starts with Thoughts and Beliefs with Star Rose Bond

If you were subjected to growing up in poverty, abuse, being surrounded by drugs and alcohol, and being incarcerated, would you think it possible to reclaim your life? No matter what situation surrounded you growing up or now, our guest Star Rose Bond, licensed psychotherapist, speaker, Columbia grad and personal coach is living proof it can happen. In this episode she shares personal stories and ways to turn your thoughts and beliefs around highlighting how there’s a difference between cause and effect, and you causing the effect.




Behind the Scenes

Guest Bio

I did not become an expert in my field specializing in trauma with a successful practice simply by textbooks alone. My childhood was saturated with adversity and trauma (which ultimately became gifts) nevertheless I saw it all: poverty, addiction, sexual abuse, single parenthood, domestic violence, chronic illness the whole she-bang. When I was 12, I was committed into my first mental institution and by age 14 I was facing incarceration for the first of many times. Throughout my entire adolescence into early adulthood, I was shuffled through the system, labeled and medicated. I spent the first half of my life believing that I was broken, crazy and destined for a life of hardship just to spend the second half of it healing, reclaiming and owning the fuck out my worth and wisdom.

So, if you feel like you’ve been through some shit - welcome, you’re in good company.

For the past 20 years, I have committed to a path of healing like never before. I went from being a product of the system and a high school drop-out to graduating from an Ivy League University top of my class and spending the last 12 years in the field as a master’s level social worker working with underserved communities from around the globe. I’ve been involved in organizations such as the International Rescue Committee, Planned Parenthood, Volunteers of America (VOA) as well as various harm-reduction initiatives across the country. My career has led me to develop an obsession with neuro-psychology and the incredible connection between science and the sacred and how that relates to human behavior. I am living proof of what it means to overcome trauma and even against all odds, I discovered healing and a life I never thought possible. In my journey back to self, I was gifted with the knowledge and experience of now being able to help facilitate that process for others.

I am fiercely passionate about helping people break-free from trauma and overcome the shit that is holding them back from creating their own personal legacy.

When I am not working as a therapist + coach - You can catch me being a rebel hearted, loud mouth New Yorker who loves hip hop, bougie hotels in exotic places, psychedelics, books and dismantling the patriarchy. If you want a non-judgemental kick in the butt to break you out of your BS stories - I’m your woman.

Website: http://www.Starrosebond.com

Life Camp: A 10 Week- Virtual Workshop for Grown Ass Adults Where You Learn to Overcome Trauma and Create Your Own Personal Legacy. Next Session starts February 1, 2020.



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