Episode 43: How to have a Healthy Body from the Inside Out - with Felicia Broccolo

Knowing and doing are two different things when it comes to having a healthy body, and my guest Expert, Life Coach, athlete, and bikini competitor Felicia Broccolo knows a thing or two about this hot topic especially for girls and women. Having faced a previous eating disorder herself, she worked on the inside out to take back control of her thoughts and actions, and shares why body size does not necessarily determine whether we are healthy or not.




Behind the Scenes

Guest Bio

I’m Felicia.

I was the girl obsessed with eating healthy and working out.

I was also overly obsessed with food and thought about it waay more than I would have liked to.

I was never happy with my body and was always trying to lose just a little more weight.

I ate spoonfuls of peanut butter whenever I was bored or stressed or felt like peanut butter (AKA always).

I never got the results in the gym that I felt like I worked so hard for.

Yes, I knew exactly what was healthy and how to workout, but I was always putting myself on the new crazy fad diet and doing a 30 day challenge. I always felt restricted. And anytime I let myself have a cookie, I ate around 73.

And then wondered why the f I was such a crazy person and what was broken in my brain.

I always felt like I wasn’t good enough. That my body wasn’t good enough. That I would have this messed up food relationship and feel guilty about what I ate for the rest of my life.

But there wasn’t anything broken. My brain was just programmed in a crappy way and I didn’t know how to change it.

The more I tried new diets and challenges, the more I believed nothing would ever work for me.

And then I found coaching and learned that it wasn’t me that was a crazy person.

It was the way my brain was wired and it wasn’t benefitting me. It was the way I was talking to myself. (Because calling myself fat and gross will help me reach my goal, right? NOPE.) It was all the beliefs I had about what society says we “should” do. 

If we don’t re-wire our brain on purpose, no diet is going to work in the long term. I can guarantee that.

Once I got my sh*t together, I knew I needed to be the person I would have wanted to find.

I know how to do it.  And I want to get you there too.

It’s the best feeling in the whole world.

I’m Felicia. A Certified Life Coach. Athlete. Bikini Competitor. Podcaster. and Brain re-wiring expert.

Your dream body is made in your mind.

You ready?

xx Felicia

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