The Silver Lined ReLaunch

Join transitional coach and award winning entrepreneur Hilary DeCesare

as she shares and sets in motion your possibilities with inspirational stories,

research, and extraordinary experiences that show how to find silver linings

to supply the necessary fuel in order to have a life you love.



Podcast Episode 69: How the Brain and the Body Work Together with Britt Frank

Blaming yourself for feeling stuck in your healing journey? Trauma Specialist and Mental Health Expert Britt Frank knows how to shift where you are, and she shares in this episode how to by validating your feelings – both the good and the bad. Her own experience with mental illness and trauma led her to discover…

Podcast Episode 68: How to Transform Your Health to Change Your Life with Dr. Jordin Wiggins

Looking for ways to improve your health? Naturopathologist and Sexual Health Disrupter Dr. Jordan Wiggins says it starts and ends with your sex life, believing it can be transformational for both your physical and mental wellbeing. After discovering how many women felt broken by their lack of desire and arousal, she realized that her work…

Podcast Episode 67: Ways to Create Your Own Clarity after Experiencing a Loss with Alison Armstrong

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with grief after experiencing the loss of someone important to you? You wouldn’t be alone, and Educator and Author Alison Armstrong shares her journey to gaining clarity as well as her identity after the loss of her husband of 26 years. Having been in love up until the last moment,…

Podcast Episode 66: How to Build a Better and Stronger Version of Yourself with Kelly Ruta

Is something from your past holding you back from the life you want? CEO Development Strategist and former Psychotherapist Kelly Ruta knows first hand how trauma that isn’t dealt with can prevent you from being the best version of yourself. By processing her feelings towards horrific events experienced in her childhood and young adult life,…

Podcast Episode 65: How to Love Your Life Abroad with Sundae Bean

Fascinated by the expat lifestyle? Intercultural Strategist Sundae Bean began living internationally in her twenties and hasn’t looked back. After meeting her Swiss husband while backpacking through Vietnam, she started her life in Switzerland where she left the corporate world to start her own company. By overcoming her fears and moving her bicultural family to…

Podcast Episode 64: How to Impact the World by Just Being You with Michelle Abraham

Dreaming of starting your own podcast? After successfully helping launch 223 podcasts in the industry, Award winning Podcast Producer Michelle Abraham says there’s no time like now to turn that dream into reality. Highlighting the importance of staying consistent and passionate about impacting the world with your unique message, you’ll hear how podcasting helped her…

Podcast Episode 63: How to Show Up as Your Best Self with Shyamala Kiru

Have you ever struggled with your personal identity? Relationship Strategist Dr. Shyamala Kiru says that many women, including herself, struggle with this at some point. Even the most ambitious and successful women can feel like a failure when it comes to showing up as their true self. Sharing not only her own experience but examples…

Podcast Episode 62: How Mindfulness and Meditation Improve Your Sex Life With Jessica Graham

Do you want to improve your sex life? Most people do and Sex and Intimacy Guide and Expert Jessica Graham says meditation can help. After leaving her numbing life of alcoholism and addiction she developed self love and a deep connection to her spirituality. Now devoting her life to helping others, she shares how mindful…

Podcast Episode 61: The Importance of Healing the Whole Body With Emily A. Francis

Did you know the mind and the brain are not the same thing? Wellness Expert and Author Emily A. Francis speaks about the difference between the two and how we can’t unlock all of the magic and wisdom we hold until we understand how to treat our whole body. Through her story, you’ll hear how…

Podcast Episode 60: How to Prioritize and Take Back Control of Your Time – with Holly Haynes

Do you ever wish you could be more productive? Most of us do, and Production Expert and Podcast Host Holly Hanes says it’s because it is hard to prioritize our time and energy with everything else going on in life. But when you follow her top tips and strategy she refers to as the 3…


Hi! I'm Hilary Decesare

I’m a mother to 3, step-mother to 2, wife to an amazing husband, self-obsessed learning junkie, fashion lover, butterfly addict, big love giver and running buddy in the Bay Area. Philanthropy, honesty and paying it forward are my big three. Most importantly… I have a unique understanding of how you feel, as I’ve been in your shoes before and I KNOW things don’t always go as planned. So buckle up – I’m about to help you become a Magic-Maker setting off SPARKS in every area of your life at jet-setting speed!


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