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Podcast Episode 49: 3 Steps to Change Your Thoughts – with Hilary DeCesare

How often do you have a negative thought? Most of us do more than we realize! Host Hilary DeCesare shares some recent health scares and how she uses 3 steps to change thoughts from assumption of the worst into leaning into the neutral space in the “midzone”. By using these 3 steps you can bring…

Podcast Episode 48: Using Manifestation to Go from Riches to Rags to Riches Again with Christy Whitman

Have you ever thought about what true manifestation is linked to at it’s deepest level? According to our guest Celebrity Coach, NY Times Best Seller and Law of Attraction Expert Christy Whitman, it starts with your WORDS! In this episode she’ll share how she went from riches to rags to riches again with aligning with…

Podcast Episode 47: How to Mediate to Improve Communication and Own Your Role – with Susan Guthrie

Mediation, especially when it comes to divorce, is something that can bring uneasy feelings even in the calmest of people. But today’s expert, Susan Guthrie, Nationally Recognized Top Family Law and Mediation Attorney, shares why mediation, or any time you’re presenting your side and having to listen to another’s side, is a golden opportunity to…

Podcast Episode 46: How To Have Ease in Showing up as Your Truest Self with Susan Ferraro

Have you ever felt burnout so bad that everything feels off and unaligned with who you truly are? You’re not alone, and former Kate Spade Design Director, speaker, and Mindset Coach Susan Ferraro knows exactly how that feels. She’ll share not only her personal journey as a self-confessed previous burned out perfectionist and over-achiever, but…

Podcast Episode 45: How to Combine Your External Identity and Your Internal One with Tori Stevens

Have you ever thought about why we constantly think our identity is tied to external things such as our job or material things? Well Tori Stevens, Founder of EvolYOUtion and well known speaker knows a thing or two about this, and will have you understanding that when you plant seeds of confidence to fulfill yourself…

Podcast Episode 44: Why You Should Be Dating Your Money with Nicole Iacovoni

Have you ever thought about going on a date with your money? If you haven’t, you should according to expert Financial Therapist Nicole Iacovoni! In this episode there’s a deep dive into how to come back from a financial crisis, how to heal your money relationship (even if it’s toxic!) and how dating your money…

Podcast Episode 43: How to have a Healthy Body from the Inside Out – with Felicia Borocollo

Knowing and doing are two different things when it comes to having a healthy body, and my guest Expert, Life Coach, athlete, and bikini competitor Felicia Broccolo knows a thing or two about this hot topic especially for girls and women. Having faced a previous eating disorder herself, she worked on the inside out to…

Podcast Episode 42: How to Find the Happiest and Best Love of Your Life – with Bela Gandhi

If you’ve ever wondered why it’s so important to choose the right spouse in life, you’ll fall in LOVE with the advice the well known celebrity dating coach Bela Gandhi shares in this episode! Finding love that leads to happiness can seem daunting, but Bela shares maybe it’s not the process that is off, it’s…

Podcast Episode 41: Why Reclaiming Your Life Starts with Thoughts and Beliefs with Star Rose Bond

If you were subjected to growing up in poverty, abuse, being surrounded by drugs and alcohol, and being incarcerated, would you think it possible to reclaim your life? No matter what situation surrounded you growing up or now, our guest Star Rose Bond, licensed psychotherapist, speaker, Columbia grad and personal coach is living proof it…

Podcast Episode 40: How to Use Meditation for Real Life with Ali Katz

If you’ve ever wanted to meditate, but felt it wasn’t for you, you might change your mind after this episode featuring guest expert Ali Katz, Certified Meditation Teacher and best selling Author. Ali shares her meditation for “real life” practice as well as the benefits you know, but probably haven’t thought how they directly effect…


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