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Podcast Episode 39: How to Learn How to Have Joy in Your Heart – Chick Chat with Kelly Foster

Joy is something that we all want to experience in life, especially when it comes to our career or path in life. But it’s not always a straight road and we don’t always listen to our heart. On this episode you’ll hear from Kelly Foster, a life learner who believes we must face the voices…

Podcast Episode 38: How to Untangle from Your Past and Rewire for a Better Future with Nancy Levin

Untangling from your past isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but today’s guest, best selling author Nancy Levin, knows a thing or two about how to rewire yourself for a better future after facing a setback. In today’s world, where it’s easy to think we have to strive to appear to be perfect, and…

Podcast Episode 37: How to Make the Leap from Corporate to Entrepreneurship – with Laurel Rutledge

Making the jump from corporate to entrepreneurship is not the huge leap it used to be, but it still has its challenges as well as adjustment period. With the help of today’s guest, Laurel Rutledge, well known radio talkshow host and expert in career and leadership transformation, you’ll get a realistic look at the challenges…

Podcast Episode 36: Why Mentors Are Essential to the 6 Stages of Your Career – With Stacy Cassio

Why is it that many women struggle to find other women in the workplace as mentors? Our guest Stacy Cassio, CEO and Founder of The Pink Mentro Network is on a mission to do something about that. She shines light on why it’s so important that women share their experiences, their wins and their losses,…

Podcast Episode 35: The Answer and Secret of Launching or ReLaunching Anything – with John Assaraf

Whether you’re launching or relaunching anything in life (a business, a marriage, etc), there’s a special framework that leads to success according to my incredible guest John Assaraf. John knows a thing or two about this as he’s a world renowned mindset and behavioral expert, New York Times best selling author, and the Founder and…

Podcast Episode 34: How to Trust Yourself and Your Village with Dr. Melissa Bird

Ever wonder about those moments… you know the ones that jolt you and seem so out of left field you just have to pay attention to them? In this episode the very wise (and incredible!) Dr. Melissa Bird shares how you can learn to trust yourself, trust the signs, and trust your village to take…

Podcast Episode 33: The Secrets to Gratitude – Paying Attention with Mindy Meiering

Have you ever wondered what the secrets are to living a life filled with gratitude? Our guest Mindfulness Expert Mindy Meiering shares a few tips that she’s learned over the years by finding the silver lining as well as why it’s so important to be connected to the “details”. You’ll be given a new take…

Podcast Episode 32: Ways To Go Through Grief, Not Around It – with Kelley Brenninger

Grief over losing a loved one is hard, especially when it happens in a split-second accident. Our inspiring guest Kelley Brenninger experienced this first hand when she lost her beloved husband, an acclaimed ski instructor in Aspen, when he hit a tree during a ski trip with their son. She shares not only her incredible…

Podcast Episode 31: How to Own Your Role and Get to the Next Level – with Tracy Litt

Episode 31: How to Own Your Role and Get to the Next Level – with Tracy Litt Are you ready to GET LITT? Well you better be because in this episode TEDx sensation and spiritual advisor Tracy Litt will have you fired up with her energetic approach and advice on how to OWN your role…

Podcast Episode 30: The NBA Mindset: The Highs, Lows, and In-Between – with AC Green

Episode 30: The NBA Mindset: The Highs, Lows, and In-Between – with AC Green Mindset and paying it forward doesn’t just define an NBA player like A. C. Green Jr… it has created their life and career both on and off the court. A retired professional basketball player, nicknamed “Iron Man”, he holds an NBA…


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I’m a mother to 3, step-mother to 2, wife to an amazing husband, self-obsessed learning junkie, fashion lover, butterfly addict, big love giver and running buddy in the Bay Area. Philanthropy, honesty and paying it forward are my big three. Most importantly… I have a unique understanding of how you feel, as I’ve been in your shoes before and I KNOW things don’t always go as planned. So buckle up – I’m about to help you become a Magic-Maker setting off SPARKS in every area of your life at jet-setting speed!


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