The Silver Lined ReLaunch

Join transitional coach and award winning entrepreneur Hilary DeCesare

as she shares and sets in motion your possibilities with inspirational stories,

research, and extraordinary experiences that show how to find silver linings

to supply the necessary fuel in order to have a life you love.



Podcast Episode 19: One Word… Trust

Episode 19: One Word… Trust Ever wonder what it takes to truly trust yourself? In this episode, host Hilary DeCesare lays out the 5 components to fully trusting yourself. You’ll discover step by step the importance they hold in not only living in integrity, but how following them can help you pave your way toward…

Podcast Episode 18: What You Resist Persists

Have you ever heard the saying “What you resist… persists”? In this episode, Hilary takes a close look at the duplicity of resistence, and whatever you are resisting – in your life, your career, your relationship, or your house (like she was). She’ll explain why actually drawing what you are resisting in closer and leaning…

Podcast Episode 17: The Humor Pool – Chick Chat

Episode 17: The Humor Pool – Chick Chat In our second Chick Chat episode I interview a friend in the Second Wives Club as we call it, Emily Takimori. She’ll have your rolling in laughter at how she and her husband both handled working from home with high-profile demanding jobs with two young children, one…

Podcast Episode 16: Stepping Into Opportunity

Episode 16: Stepping Into Opportunity I’m talking with Keri Murphy, CEO and Founder of Inspired Living, in Episode 16. You’ll be inspired by Keri’s unique journey from talent agency owner in her early 20’s to losing it all… which led to her becoming a well-known media personality and the successful business owner that she is…

Podcast Episode 15: A Powerhouse of Possibility

Episode 15: A Powerhouse of Possibility Have you ever felt like you were living your life on autopilot? Stuck living the same ol’ same ol’? In this episode, host Hilary DeCesare examines why we sometimes give our power away, and shares how to reclaim yours to become a powerhouse of possibilities again. Because ultimately, it…

Podcast Episode 14: “Tri-Joy” – Chick Chat

Episode 14: “Tri-Joy” Chick Chat In our first Chick Chat episode, I feature one of my close personal friends the amazing Kim Bruce. As a mom, cyber security phenom, avid health & nutrition advocate, and Iron Man tri-athlete, Kim shares stories from her Iron Man competition and health revelations, and how when you’re up against…

Podcast Episode 13: Lucky or Unlucky 13?

Episode 13: Lucky or Unlucky 13? What’s your belief when it comes to the number 13… Lucky or Unlucky? Ever thought about WHY you believe that? In this lucky 13th (now you know what I believe!) episode we’ll closely examine HOW your beliefs are formed as well as WHY you might want to take a…

Podcast Episode 12: Say Yes To Intuition

What’s the importance of saying YES to intuition? The chance to discover your divine purpose! Today’s guest, Kim E. Woods, Author and Spiritual Leader, shows us the power, purpose, and prosperity we can gain when we’re in tune with our intuition. By learning how to listen and take action on what our true self is…

Podcast Episode 11: So Now What?

Episode 11: So Now What? Have you ever faced a setback or transition and found yourself stuck in figuring out “so now what?!?”  You wouldn’t be the only one, and host Hilary DeCesare shares a grace of God story where she could have lost many of her family members in a devastating cabin explosion. Even…

Podcast Episode 10: Survivor By & With Grace

Episode 10: Survivor By & With Grace You’re about to listen to Jennifer Takagi, who knows a thing or two about playing well with others and helping increase performance. She also has an incredible story about being spared by a gift from grace or a higher power from the Oklahoma bombings. This led Jennifer to…


Hi! I'm Hilary Decesare

I’m a mother to 3, step-mother to 2, wife to an amazing husband, self-obsessed learning junkie, fashion lover, butterfly addict, big love giver and running buddy in the Bay Area. Philanthropy, honesty and paying it forward are my big three. Most importantly… I have a unique understanding of how you feel, as I’ve been in your shoes before and I KNOW things don’t always go as planned. So buckle up – I’m about to help you become a Magic-Maker setting off SPARKS in every area of your life at jet-setting speed!


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