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The Formula to Sparking Your Life:

In this captivating speaking engagement, Hilary will reveal the present-day formula for unleashing your inner power by leveraging your beliefs, emotions, and energy levels. Through Hilary's expert guidance, you'll discover the universal truths that dictate success in business, relationships, and every aspect of your life. With her proven exercise, you'll experience an immediate spark of energy that will ignite your passion and reignite your excitement for life.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to gain valuable insights from a world-renowned expert and walk away with the tools you need to usher in fresh positivity, excitement, and endless possibilities. Join Hilary and discover how to spark your life and unlock your full potential!

ReLaunching Your Business: Curate and crush it!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? It's time to Curate and Crush it! As an entrepreneur, you know that the CORE of your business is essential to its success. But what if you could strengthen and clarify it to reach new heights?

Get ready to discover the secrets to relaunching your business and crushing your goals. You'll learn how to curate your business foundation to make it more focused and effective than ever before. Plus, you'll gain the skills you need to crush your competition and emerge as a leader in your industry.

Building Bridges: How Intergenerational Communication Drives Next-Level Success

In this exciting speaking engagement, we'll explore the art of building bridges, and discover how it can help teams break down barriers and bridge the gaps between different generations. You'll learn practical and proven strategies that will transform your team's communication skills and take your collaboration to new heights.

Through engaging activities and real-world case studies, you'll discover the powerful impact that intergenerational communication can have on driving profitability and productivity. Join us and unlock the secrets to next-level success through intergenerational communication!

Michelle Abraham

"Hilary's keynote presentation to our group was phenomenal! With over [X] people in attendance, I received multiple points of feedback that Hilary's talk was right on the mark and rekindled the energy amongst all live viewers. Our podcast summit is designed to make connections amongst attendees to foster increased exposure and additional speaking opportunities. While most of these connections are happening amongst others, Hilary brought the ENERGY to the summit and helped viewers reconnect to themselves. Hilary set us in MOTION! On behalf of the annual Podapalooza Summit, I wish to thank Hilary for her effort in putting together an excellent segment and I can't wait to have her back next year!"

Michelle Abraham, Founder of AmplifYou & Podapalooza, Visibility Expert
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