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The Relaunch Podcast

Your front-row seat to the ReLaunch revolution, hosted by Hilary DeCesare. Each episode is a journey designed to catalyze your personal and professional growth, packed with inspirational narratives, breakthrough research, and life-altering experiences that will empower you to triumph over struggles and soar into an extraordinary life. Hilary DeCesare’s sole mission? To guide you from where you stand now to where your heart truly desires to be–goosebump moments to be expected.

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How can embracing life's unexpected turns and tuning into our intuition lead to profound personal transformation and fulfillment? Join the conversation as I sit down with Havilah Malone to learn about her inspiring journey, which exemplifies the true essence of resilience and the art of reinvention. Havilah transitioned from a successful career at Hewlett Packard to remarkable achievements such as acting in HBO's "Insecure" and Super Bowl commercials. Reflecting on my own experience of leaving a stable corporate job, I understand the unexpected turns life can throw at us. We delve into the life-altering impact of intuition, the spiritual awakening from Havilah's ayahuasca experience, and how it inspired her literary pursuits. We also discuss the concept of 'continuous relaunching' and its significance in both our lives. Through this conversation, we hope to encourage you to embrace your transformative journeys and the myriad of new beginnings life presents.
I had the pleasure of speaking with Dilan Gomih, a former Wall Street trader turned fitness expert, who shared her life-changing '60-second workout' philosophy. Dilan's story is a powerful testament to how integrating mindful movement into our daily routine can be the cornerstone of both professional success and personal wellness. We delved into the science behind short bursts of exercise and their disproportionate benefits to our health and productivity. Drawing from personal anecdotes, including the inspiring exercise habits of my father and Dilan's, we discussed the profound impact of these routines on longevity and vitality. Leave with actionable advice on how you can incorporate these transformative fitness strategies into your own life, which will empower you to Relaunch your approach to well-being and unlock the radical joy that comes from consistent, mindful movement.
Meet Lauren L'Heureux, the founder of the Do the Damn Thing podcast and the La.Rue Community, as she shares her deeply personal journey of overcoming multiple tragedies. Lauren opens up about the loss of her brother, surviving an assault and its subsequent trial, and dealing with her father's attempted suicide. Through these harrowing experiences, she found strength and resilience, utilizing methods like EFT tapping to heal and grow. Lauren's transformation led her to create a community that empowers ambitious women to blend career success with personal fulfillment. Lauren's story is a testament to turning sorrow into strength and serves as inspiration for others facing their own adversities.
Tory Archbold is the CEO and Founder of Powerful Steps, an online community and platform for women making a global impact. Through five programs, she empowers C-suite level women to embrace their stories, unleash their power, and elevate their careers. Join Tory and myself as we unlock the secret to midlife entrepreneurial success with the launch of our joint venture, HER World International, an event that will transform the way female leaders envision their potential and turn dreams into tangible global success. This conversation is brimming with wisdom on the transformative power of human connections and personal rebranding. As we navigate the nuances of fostering a heart-led community, discover how this platform elevates women from corporate confines to the liberating realm of entrepreneurship, where ego takes a backseat and high vibrations lead the charge.
Join the enlightening Sir James Gray Robinson in a captivating exchange on navigating the stormy seas of stress and burnout, where he recounts his own voyage from a high-pressure law career to becoming a beacon of wellness. Our discussion uncovers the hidden strengths in burnout, peeling back the layers to reveal its protective nature—a surprising guardian in our high-stress lives. We celebrate Sir James's illustrious achievements and knightly honor, delving into how he's crafting narratives in film and television that echo his transformative journey. Let's unwrap the gifts in our own struggles, as Sir James illuminates the path to resilience and renewal.
Discover the blueprint for personal and professional metamorphosis with our esteemed guest Jennifer Frye, CEO of Appreciated Asset Business Solutions. In a candid revelation of her own transformation, Jennifer shares the pivotal moments that led to her leaving a toxic marriage and reshaping her business during a global crisis. Her journey uncovers the profound impact of financial independence, particularly for women, and how it can serve as a catalyst for empowerment. Listen and learn how to navigate life's transitions, from the personal to the professional, and emerge with a renewed sense of purpose and success.
Karen Roberts' story is a testament to the power of adaptation and reinvention. Listen in as she reveals how personal storytelling has magnified her influence and led to the creation of the Raising Vibrations Podcast Network. Her candid reflection on career shifts, driven by life's unexpected turns and a profound health realization, underscores the importance of realigning with one's evolving passions and capabilities.
Discover the transformative power of resilience and the art of the ReLaunch with Phebe Trotman, whose journey from soccer star to heart-centered entrepreneur and author will leave you inspired. Phebe's story begins with a pivotal rejection at 13 and leads us through her life's transitions, teaching us that we hold the reins to our work ethic and attitude. Her story is a testament to pushing through the tough days, and in our heartfelt conversation, she unveils how her athletic discipline has fueled her success in the competitive realm of network marketing and writing.
Embrace the power of transformation as Lynn Walker takes us on an extraordinary voyage of reclamation, from the shadows of drug and alcohol addiction to the summit of personal triumph. Lynn's story is one of resilience, a testament to the enduring spirit of a woman who has weathered life’s most tumultuous storms. She candidly shares the complexities of growing up with a father who lived a double life as an undercover narcotics agent turned convicted drug smuggler, unraveling the intricate web of events that led her to follow in her brother's fateful footsteps of substance abuse.
Join us for an enlightening chat with Kelly Mackin, CEO of Motives Met and author of "Work Life Well Lived," as we explore the vital role of well-being in the workplace. Listen in as Kelly shares her personal journey from a state of ill-being to becoming a trailblazer for workplace wellness. She uncovers the deep-seated connection between personal fulfillment and professional success, emphasizing the significance of assessing and understanding our own well-being to thrive in our careers. Her insights into the detrimental effects of toxic work cultures and the personal crises that stem from neglecting our health are both eye-opening and a call to action for better work-life integration.

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