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The Relaunch Podcast

Your front-row seat to the ReLaunch revolution, hosted by Hilary DeCesare. Each episode is a journey designed to catalyze your personal and professional growth, packed with inspirational narratives, breakthrough research, and life-altering experiences that will empower you to triumph over struggles and soar into an extraordinary life. Hilary DeCesare’s sole mission? To guide you from where you stand now to where your heart truly desires to be–goosebump moments to be expected.

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Listen in as we're joined by the awe-inspiring Dr. Julie Ducharme, who shares her remarkable journey of professional and personal transformation. We talk about her diverse business empire's trials during COVID-19, and how resilience and determination were key in rebuilding her ventures. Her story is a powerful reminder of the tenacity within us all, and her insights are a spark for anyone aiming to reinvent their life and career.
Join us as we sit down with the inspiring Lisa Chastain, bestselling author and money coach, to uncover her unique perspective on managing money. From her blue-collar upbringing to a significant turning point in her life, Lisa's personal story reveals how she shifted from a scarcity mindset to creating a platform that guides others to financial empowerment. If you're looking for actionable strategies to take control of your finances, this conversation is a goldmine.
Welcome to a landmark celebration, our 200th ReLaunch episode, where I take you on a journey through the transformative power of fresh starts and new beginnings. Listen in as we look back on the myriad of past ReLaunch stories from a diverse group of guests who have generously shared their insights and experiences. Each story underscores the potent influence of a well-executed ReLaunch and the ripple effects they have had on our collective pursuit of purpose and possibility.
Celebrate with Hilary as we mark the one-year anniversary of her book "Relaunch!: Spark Your Heart to Ignite Your Life," and embark on a journey to rediscover how to leverage life's pivotal moments. Plunge into the heart of transformation, where the 3HQ™ Method—head, heart, and higher self—becomes your compass through the undulating terrains of personal and professional change. This episode is a treasure trove of revelations and coaching advice drawn from a year of profound insights and lived experiences since the book's debut. It's a chance to unwrap the layers of your narrative, examining the bedrock of belief systems that shape your reality, and learning how altering these can lead to astronomical growth.
Join us for a flashback to the Silver Lined ReLaunch where we sit down with deception detection expert Traci Brown, uncovering the world of lies, fraud, and the silver linings found in life's unexpected challenges. Traci shares her journey from a keynote speaker to a podcast host, delving into her unique approach to understanding scams by engaging with criminals and law enforcement. Her captivating tales from both sides of the law open up a riveting discussion on the potential of storytelling in media and the transformative power of relaunches.
Unlock the transformative power of the 3HQ™ Method — head, heart, and higher self — as we reveal the key to manifesting your dreams. If you've ever found yourself spinning in circles, unsure if you need a full relaunch or just a simple pivot, this episode lays down the groundwork to setting a solid foundation for success. We delve into the reset phase, the critical first stride toward realigning with your goals, and how to effectively track progress to ensure you're not just making a change but making the right change. Whether you're navigating personal growth or steering your business towards new heights, prepare for an extraordinary journey of transformation.
Discover how to craft a life that resonates with your passions and values with the wisdom of Kate House, the dynamo behind the "Live by Design" podcast. Together, we wade through the complexities of balancing the roles of parenthood, entrepreneurship, and personal growth without losing one's spark. Kate brings to the table her concept of "being where your feet are," emphasizing the importance of presence and deliberate scheduling to thrive in each aspect of life. We also laugh over her 'quarter-life crisis' and draw inspiration from her approach to setting 'goals with soul'—a method that ensures our objectives are not just checkboxes but extensions of our innermost desires.
Join us for an engaging conversation with Rosie and Dani DeCesare, where we explore the concept of relaunching in various facets of life. Listen in as we discuss their significant relaunch experiences, including Rosie's bold decision to study abroad in Rome and Dani's battle with emergency gallbladder surgery in high school. Together, we navigate through the ups and downs of their journeys, the power of self-worth, coping with sadness, and their love for music.
Ever wondered how the world of publishing operates? Renowned author and global publisher, Michael D. Butler, spills the beans on the intricacies of the industry, providing a glimpse into his journey and the power of relaunching oneself. Michael talks about the booming book consumption in the digital era, advantages for nonfiction and fiction authors, and the significant impact a book can have on a person's life.
Betrayal. It's a harsh word that carries a heavy burden. We've all faced it in one form or another, and its aftershock can be devastating. But what if I told you, it could also be transformative? Dr. Debi Silber, founder of the Post Betrayal Transformation™ Institute, joins me to explore the complex realm of betrayal and its aftermath, sharing her own personal journey of overcoming betrayal and the wisdom she gained along the way.

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