The Silver Lined ReLaunch

Join transitional coach and award winning entrepreneur Hilary DeCesare

as she shares and sets in motion your possibilities with inspirational stories,

research, and extraordinary experiences that show how to find silver linings

to supply the necessary fuel in order to have a life you love.



Episode 1: Ready, Set, ReLaunch!

Host Hilary DeCesare welcomes you to her podcast by sharing a comical story of how we can easily get caught with what’s “in our bag” if we don’t take the time to evaluate what’s really in there. Sharing her personal stories and journey in what she hopes to achieve in The Silver Lined ReLaunch, she sheds light on the key for every listener and every episode - to find silver linings that give us the wisdom, clarity, and ability to move forward and tackle whatever comes our way.

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Episode 2: Your Magic in the Bottle

Have you ever had something happen to you where you wished you had an instantaneous dose of strength for encouragement? Just a spray from a bottle perhaps to remind and encourage
you to keep moving forward? By learning how to bottle up your highlights of strength and accomplishments in life, when needed in the future you’ll be able to share amazing memories and lessons with others, as well as with yourself, showcasing the magic found within each of us.

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Episode 3: 7 Steps to ReLaunch Now

We all have, at times, wanted to hit the reset button. In this episode, we examine The ReLaunch Effect and the 7 actionable steps you can take now, so that once you have everything going for you, you have the ability to continue the momentum. We’ll talk about how living NOW and loving NOW is exactly the direction for you.

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Episode 4: The Yellow Brick Road

Have you ever noticed that certain songs have been there for you, throughout your life? In this episode we look at how music, and more specifically certain lyrics we sang when younger, have the ability to carry us out of our darkest times. By taking something such as inspirational words or other feel-good measures, along with 3 other steps highlighted, you'll have the tools to move from stuck and veering off your path in life to back skipping on your yellow brick road in no time!

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episode 5

Episode 5: The Common Denominator

What is the difference between extraordinary people and ordinary people... NOTHING! In this episode I discuss the importance of releasing and reimagining your life when facing a setback with co-author of the best selling book The Ex-Wives Guide to Divorce, Valerie Shepherd, who just happens to be my CMO at The ReLauch Co. I call her my Chief Magic Officer for a reason, and I think you'll quickly learn why in hearing her unique story about finding the silver lining to become the person you were meant to be.

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Episode 6: Two Left Shoes

Have you ever forced something to fit or work out, even though it clearly wasn't? It's kind of like wearing two left shoes... it seems like no big deal but in actuality, it just doesn't work. In this episode we'll examine why so many of us find it super easy to get caught up in something no longer in our best interests, because you have so much time and energy invested in it. I'll share why it's important to make changes to open up to what you really want in your life and the 3 easy steps to start the process. Because in the future, wouldn't you rather spend years in a state of flow rather than the resistance state by letting go and finding the right fit?

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Episode 7: Midlife Crisis or Midlife ReLaunch

Have you ever struggled with feeling like you might be in or stuck a midlife crisis - not knowing what the signs are or how to create change to move forward? I have, while facing divorce, and it's painful and confusing for both men and women on how to navigate it successfully. In this episode, I cover what the tell-tale signs are as well as share the 10 ways to turn your midlife crisis into a midlife ReLaunch, so that you can focus on growth and moving towards the possibilities waiting for you in life, your career, and in relationships!

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Episode 8: Who Wants More

In today's episode, we'll help you get MORE out of Life by speaking with International Speaker, Creator of the Butler Bag, and best-selling author Jen Groover. We'll discuss how in life, few things are in our control. But our mindset is definitely something that can help us get more out of life if we know how to harness its power. We discuss the major pivot she had to make when her 2nd book, The MORE Method: The Simple Formula to Get More of Everything You Desire in Life, was scheduled to come out right as COVID-19 shut down our country, as well as get some of her top tips on how to get more of what you desire by discovering your true potential.

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Episode 9: You Are Never Stuck

Jim Fortin is one of my favorite people in this world. Not only is he my guest on this episode, but he is also my personal coach and hailed as one of the world's leaders in subconscious self-transformation. Originally recorded in The ReLaunch Co's "LoveFlix" series for women, I thought re-releasing this interview was important, especially with the mindset traps many of us are falling into after the global pandemic. He'll help you to start to see how when you feel stuck, you're only stuck in your mind, and your mind and thoughts are something you CAN control, even during times you feel you have no control.

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Episode 10: Survivor By & With Grace

You're about to listen to Jennifer Takagi, who knows a thing or two about playing well with others and helping increase performance. She also has an incredible story about being spared by a gift from grace or a higher power from the Oklahoma bombings. This led Jennifer to reexamine not only her life, but her dedication and mission IN life, to help others on the road to dealing with grief, loss, and their own personal journey. This episode is PACKED with magical moments of the human story, and how with a little grace, compassion, and understanding, we lay a foundation for moving forward together.

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Episode 11: So Now What?

Have you ever faced a setback or transition and found yourself stuck in figuring out "so now what?!?"  You wouldn't be the only one, and host Hilary DeCesare shares a grace of God story where she could have lost many of her family members in a devastating cabin explosion. Even when we face loss such as in a relationship, career, or in life, it's important to remember that we can dwell in what we no longer have, or take steps towards the possibilities waiting in front of us. And by doing this, it not only helps you focus on what's ahead instead of what's behind, but it enables gratitude and open eyes for what is yet to come.

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Episode 12: Say Yes To Intuition

What's the importance of saying YES to intuition? The chance to discover your divine purpose! Today's guest, Kim E. Woods, Author and Spiritual Leader, shows us the power, purpose, and prosperity we can gain when we're in tune with our intuition. By learning how to listen and take action on what our true self is telling us, we ultimately align with the divine. Join us for this eye opening episode showing how intuition can help you shift and reinvent yourself to become who you were meant to be.

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Episode 13: Lucky or Unlucky 13?

What's your belief when it comes to the number 13... Lucky or Unlucky? Ever thought about WHY you believe that? In this lucky 13th (now you know what I believe!) episode we'll closely examine HOW your beliefs are formed as well as WHY you might want to take a closer look at them. Your beliefs are setting you up for the quality of life you have. And if it's not what you want it to be? Well, it's time to dig into your beliefs to change your life.

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Episode 14: "Tri-Joy" - Chick Chat 

In our first Chick Chat episode, I feature one of my close personal friends the amazing Kim Bruce. As a mom, cyber security phenom, avid health & nutrition advocate, and Iron Man tri-athlete, Kim shares stories from her Iron Man competition and health revelations, and how when you're up against a hard time or a perceived failure, you can figure out your other options. Because other options are not a failure, they're a different path to an eventual victory.

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Episode 15: A Powerhouse of Possibility

Have you ever felt like you were living your life on autopilot? Stuck living the same ol' same ol'? In this episode, host Hilary DeCesare examines why we sometimes give our power away, and shares how to reclaim yours to become a powerhouse of possibilities again. Because ultimately, it takes a fresh energy and strength to discover and connect to the possibility and purpose your life truly holds.

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Episode 16: Stepping Into Opportunity

I'm talking with Keri Murphy, CEO and Founder of Inspired Living, in Episode 16. You'll be inspired by Keri's unique journey from talent agency owner in her early 20's to losing it all... which led to her becoming a well-known media personality and the successful business owner that she is today. Keri's advice on how you shouldn't try to save something that shouldn't be saved, because ultimately a better opportunity is ahead, will have you re-examining setbacks and embracing possibilities!

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Episode 17: The Humor Pool - Chick Chat

In our second Chick Chat episode I interview a friend in the Second Wives Club as we call it, Emily Takimori. She'll have your rolling in laughter at how she and her husband both handled working from home with high-profile demanding jobs with two young children, one potty-training, during COVID. She reminds us that when the nuances of life happen, laughter is often the only (and best!) plan.

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Episode 18: What You Resist Persists

Have you ever heard the saying "What you resist... persists"? In this episode, Hilary takes a close look at the duplicity of resistence, and whatever you are resisting - in your life, your career, your relationship, or your house (like she was). She'll explain why actually drawing what you are resisting in closer and leaning into it, instead of pushing it away, will give you the clarity, gratitude, and path in which to calmly move forward.

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Episode 19: Stepping Into Opportunity

Ever wonder what it takes to truly trust yourself? In this episode, host Hilary DeCesare lays out the 5 components to fully trusting yourself. You'll discover step by step the importance they hold in not only living in integrity, but how following them can help you pave your way toward what you are after and future possibilities.

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Episode 20: Relationships that are Critical to Success

There are 3 critical different types of relationships you have that build a foundation for success in life, business, and in personal relationships. Do you know what they are? In this episode, host Hilary DeCesare takes you through not only what the three are, but also leads you through an eye opening exercise to help you pinpoint where you are and steps to develop YOUR healthy relationships in order to take AIM at the quality of life and success you are after!

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Episode 21: Do You Have a Victor or Victim Mentality?

As you are closing out the year, you have two choices, to have a VICTOR or VICTIM mentality. Especially in 2020!! Which do you have? In this episode, host Hilary DeCesare takes you through the differences between the two, and the possibilities you'll be missing out on if you don't plant seeds for growth by owning and leaning into your present situation in order to have a better and more aligned outcome in the future.

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Episode 22: Cha Cha Changes - The 2 Most Important Things in any Business

So many things have changed in 2020, but you know what hasn't changed when it comes to business? Hint... YOU! In this episode we'll take a close look at how your Zone of Genius and the foundations of business are essentially "change proof", and how to dial into those 2 things in order to ensure your success no matter what changes come your way.

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Episode 23: Do You Have Cracks In Your Foundation?

How solid is your foundation? Any cracks showing? Hilary shares a personal story of when she was diagnosed with cancer and realized when you listen to your intuition and inner voice, your external world benefits. Sometimes it's life, or your business, or your relationships that are showing cracks, but there's always an opportunity to go back to your core and strengthen your foundation to withstand the inevitable ups and downs of life.

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Hi! I'm Hilary Decesare

I’m a mother to 3, step-mother to 2, wife to an amazing husband, self-obsessed learning junkie, fashion lover, butterfly addict, big love giver and running buddy in the Bay Area. Philanthropy, honesty and paying it forward are my big three. Most importantly… I have a unique understanding of how you feel, as I’ve been in your shoes before and I KNOW things don’t always go as planned. So buckle up – I’m about to help you become a Magic-Maker setting off SPARKS in every area of your life at jet-setting speed!


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