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Do ever wonder what your dreams are trying to tell you? Dreams are a powerful tool that you can leverage for healing, connection, and manifestation. Dreamwork allows you to tap into your deepest self, and gain insight into issues that are holding you back while deepening your intuition. Join Hilary and Linda Yael Schiller, psychotherapist for the soul, as they explore how you can work with your dreams in a variety of ways to help you manifest what you’ve been searching for and get in touch with the wise part of yourself.
Kara Reich, founder and CEO of Me Time Botanicals, shares how she transitioned from surviving a physically abusive marriage into boosting other women's confidence through a simplified multitasking skincare routine that healed her own skin and soul. Join Hilary and Kara as they unpack relaunching life after trauma and how to look within to find your true calling.
Many of us experience difficult losses or experiences as children. These can affect our self-esteem and confidence from an early age. Linda Attram, an author, speaker, and businesswoman, shares her journey from a little girl who lacked identity and confidence, to a successful business owner and Taekwondo black belt. Her mission is to inspire and empower women around the globe. As a mother of three, she has a special affinity to support working mothers so they can create the life they desire.
What would you do if you were trapped in a situation that could potentially end in the worst possible way? In today's episode, Hilary is joined by Lisa Thee, a thought leader for cyber safety for children, an experienced board member, speaker, and consultant. Following a life-changing situation, Lisa merged her background in technology and her deep desire to make the world a better and safer place by combatting human trafficking using the power of artificial intelligence. This important and eye-opening discussion is a must-listen-to episode and highlights the power of shining light into dark places.
Did you know that nearly 400 million people are leaving the corporate world and moving into the entrepreneurship space? It's true! We've been collecting comments and questions from our ReLaunch community and it's clear--you want to know what works and how to succeed. In today's show, Hilary is sharing both her personal entrepreneur stories and client stories, revealing tips and takeaways, and why 3HQ™ is key in today's heart-led entrepreneurial space.
There's a secret ingredient to creating mass influence in an unfamiliar industry. In today's episode, we are joined by Joanne Molinaro an American attorney, vegan cookbook author, and blogger. Widely known as the Korean Vegan, Molinaro started her food blog in 2016 and began posting videos of her cooking and life stories in 2017. ReLaunching from a trial lawyer, she now has over 500K subscribers on YouTube and over 3 million followers on TikTok. Join Hilary and Joanne as they discuss how to become a top influencer across multiple platforms while remaining true to yourself.
Are you holding onto darkness and pain from your past? What would happen if you faced your "Hell In the Hallway" and moved toward healing? Jade Weatherington M.Ed, known as "Teacher Jade", shares her moving and inspiring story that includes family trauma, traveling the world with her daughter, and launching the massively successful Teacher Jade's Writing Academy and the #GETIT program. She's been dubbed "The Six-Figure-Teacher" by Forbes and Business Insider magazines and helps others create successful and profitable online courses. Join Hilary and Jade as they get real and raw and discuss the power of opening up, freedom, and the beauty of relaunching.
Are you in a healthy relationship? How do you know? Join Hilary and Dr. Laura, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress Streyffeler as they discuss relationship issues, the importance of self-worth, and share tips on navigating relationship challenges in our challenging world. October is also Domestic Violence Awareness month and Dr. Streyffeler will also highlight warning signs and steps to take as well. This is an important episode that is not to be missed.
Loneliness is something most everyone has experienced at one point in their lives. Join Hilary and Jennifer Watson, speaker and visionary coach, as they dive deep into the topic of loneliness. You'll learn three simple steps you can start using today to bring more connection into your life and Jennifer will also reveal why lipstick matters.

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I’m a mother to 3, step-mother to 2, wife to an amazing husband, self-obsessed learning junkie, fashion lover, butterfly addict, big love giver and running buddy in the Bay Area. Philanthropy, honesty and paying it forward are my big three. Most importantly… I have a unique understanding of how you feel, as I’ve been in your shoes before and I KNOW things don’t always go as planned. So buckle up – I’m about to help you become a Magic-Maker setting off SPARKS in every area of your life at jet-setting speed!

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