Get the 4-Step Magic Formula To Ignite Business Growth     LEARN MORE

Get the 4-Step Magic Formula To Ignite Business Growth     LEARN MORE

Meet the Founder

Hi, I’m Hilary

I’m a 3x International Bestselling Author, Business Performance Coach, Sales & Psychology Expert and fearless CEO of The ReLaunch Co.

Born and raised in Cali, I always dreamed of shaking it up, but never expected it to happen in the male-dominated Silicon Valley.

I made my mark only to burn out and run for the hills (literally).

Today, I’m proud to have championed a movement that evens the odds for women to relaunch into complete abundance by empowering a mindset to thrive and a skillset to scale their lives and businesses.

From the start of my career, success always seemed to be right at my fingertips…

Until I completely rewrote my idea of success nearly two decades ago

With a psychology degree in my back pocket, my journey took a surprising turn towards sales… A sphere that now feels like second nature, as the sweet spot in sales was understanding and influencing the hearts and minds of buyers.

At 30, I made my first million.

I navigated the testosterone-filled terrain of Silicon Valley and climbed the corporate ladder until I was named “Top Account Manager Worldwide”, increasing sales quotas by 500%. In the midst of all this, my world got beautifully upended when I became a mom to twins. That’s when success got a total makeover.

The spark to real success

My unrehearsed leap into entrepreneurship

Returning from maternity leave, an executive position I was next in line to receive, was handed to someone else in my absence.

Being the relentless overachiever I am, I made my case, got my title back, and was ‘rewarded’ with 60-hour work weeks and office sleepovers that kept me from my family and any semblance of a personal life. For a year I kept my head down, worked hard to hit KPI’s until exhaustion and burnout took over, and I hit my breaking point.

With no vision, no plan, and no regret (or so I thought), I stepped away.

The madness to the method

“It is what it ‘tis. So, now what?”

This quote from my mom was a guiding beacon through the dark times when the trials of entrepreneurship would hit… and they hit hard. I experienced a whirlwind of successful ventures, a run-in with a Ponzi scheme, a melanoma diagnosis, a heart-wrenching divorce, and even a stint on ABC’s “The Secret Millionaire”. I found myself flat on my back, in my mom’s house… completely at a loss.

Enter the catalyst to my relaunch… “The Secret.”

The world-renowned self-help book and #1 NYT Bestseller by Rhonda Byrne. One read-through and I dragged myself downstairs, ready to ask myself those familiar words… “So, now what?”

Inspired by the book, I married my knowledge of psychology, sales, and business development into a process that would ensure I never got stuck again; A process that empowered me to step into my highest self and live the extraordinary life I was meant to.

And so, the 3HQ™ method was born. It was the start of not just changing my life but countless others.

And now…

You’ll often find me in my home office in Boulder, Co, stealing glances at the mountain tops and spritzing my favorite aura cleansing spray by Botanical Alchemist. Or maybe I’m on Pearl Street with my husband, E, devouring my favorite ranch and honey-topped pizza. You might even spot me on the hiking trails in my backyard, where I’m struck with my best ideas for advancing The ReLaunch Co. But enough about me… Here’s what I want to say to you right now…

I think so many of us have a story already inside but haven’t figured out the key to unlocking its power and bringing its magic—the magic of you—to the surface. When we finally figure out how to get there, how to connect our head with our heart and then ignite it all with our higher self, or take even a few steps in that direction, the inertia just cracks wide open. Almost as if we’ve been constrained in a shell that suddenly falls away. When we align our 3HQ™, we break out into a new phase of possibilities. That is some amazing achievement.


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