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Success Stories at Relaunch

I need more of you and more of what you do.

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It was the first time I’d found a coach who really had done the things I know I need to do – to scale to where I need to be and have the success that I really wanted. Hilary was that coach without a doubt.

Michelle Abraham, Amplify You

The changes started happening within 3 months.

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A lot of that had to do with the mindset of helping me to value my worth and understand what I bring to the world. This course has allowed me to focus and not only elevate my business, but myself personally.”

Louelle, Owner of Infinity Sales Force

“The past six weeks, my sales jumped almost $20,000.

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I attribute that to re-engaging with my business and reconnecting to who I truly am. I feel a part of something that has meaning and purpose – and really brings out the best in me and encourages growth in me. This added support is a game-changer for me.

Linya Rothschild, Rothschild’s Boutique

The ReLaunch Method has made me look inside myself to first decide what I really needed to do.

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I had to work on myself first before I could be “good” for someone else. One of the results I got from the program was that people noticed I was different. I was lighter and happier. My work even started picking up and I was able to fully put myself out there.

Wendy K.

It was phenomenal,
priceless actually.

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In this course, we focused so much on the mindset you need to have as a female entrepreneur that I really started to exude that. I always saw the value of The ReLaunch Co. just through coaching alone.

Dr. Jacqueline B.

“People ask me now how to make a leap – and I say, it’s Hilary.

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My entire identity was tied up into being this lawyer, and I knew I had to do something different. I didn’t know how to make the leap. [Changing] my mindset and belief system was my #1 takeaway. Every growth point is based on the belief you instilled in me – that I’m not an imposter. I have the skills and know-how to be able to help people and now I can own that.

Rektok Ross, Bestselling Author

I encourage you all to take the next step.

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I can’t even tell you how I’ve changed my perception of myself, my business, my relationships with other people, overall it has given me such great confidence. It’s a great sense of being in a community with other women.

Belinda Smith, Lake State Business Solutions

The ReLaunch tribe is like family to me!

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This group has helped me come into my true essence of who God made me to be. I finally got out of my own way to do things I never would’ve done before and reach new levels of success. I have found freedom and peace with myself and my life.

Linya R.

My life has changed personally and professionally because of this program.

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I am more focused, I am now goal setting and can say no when necessary. This program has taught me how to put my FAITH over FEAR!

Christine H.

I doubled my personal income

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I doubled my personal income – not to mention the revenue of my business which has also skyrocketed.

Alison Shunneson, Real Estate Developer

I am fired up.

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I had a lot of resistance going in – money commitments, time commitments – all the normal areas of resistance for an entrepreneur. What I really felt was safe and supported. I’ve spent 10s of thousands on coaches – and this was the best investment I ever made in terms of a coach that could support me bringing my business to the next level. I wasn’t just working on my business, I was working on myself. That has allowed my business to move into all these other levels of success.

DeeAnne Riendeau, Rose Hope Inc.

I have refined the message and taken the leap of faith I needed for my business.

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I know what I wanted and who I wanted to serve, but this program has helped me discover my true vision, create a business plan for my virtual platform, and how to bring in revenue.

Rosemarie P.

The TFUE program has awakened me to my wants, needs, and desires.

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I am now working in my G-zone and helping people to be of true service to others. I am overwhelmed with how much this program has given me.

Louelle C.

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