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Wake Up With
Marci & Hilary

Anticipate uplifting moments, and a feeling of hope as we navigate life together, supporting and empowering one another. Tune in for inspiration, education, and entertainment because together, we can conquer anything!

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Rachel Foster & Dovid Kanarfogel

Episode 8

“Rachel Foster from World Without Exploitation, joins the show to share the powerful message of her organization to fight back against the horrific act of human trafficking. Dovid Kanarfogel, the Co-Founder of Hindi’s Libraries , shares how this organization has donated more than 475,000 children’s books 📖 worldwide.

Michael D. Butler, Drew Davis, & Joanie Sigal!

Episode 7

“Michael D. Butler is the Simon Cowell of Book Publishing. He’s here to share his expertise on how to write your book in just one hour. Drew Davis, founder of Gem Life + Bar , one the first Booze free bottle shops and tasting lounge. Drew will share a mocktail that’s easy to make at home. Lastly, we have Joanie Sigal, co-founder of Silver Foxes, and host of The Addiction Podcast – Point of No Return is here to share her personal journey and her commitment to inspire, and how aging does NOT define us!

Dr. Jeff Gardere, Cate Quinn, Chaos to Clarity & Relaunch!

Episode 6

“America’s Psychologist” Jeff Gardere, is here to give us tips on being more mindful during Mental Health Wellness month and how we can create a positive mindset around New Years Resolutions. Bestselling author Cate Quinn, discusses her new novel “The Clinic”, as well as her personal journey with addiction and recovery. Lastly, we will be discussing the stories behind our books! “Chaos to Clarity” by Marci Hopkins and “Relaunch” by Hilary DeCesare.

Margaret Josephs, Brandi Rhodes & Must Have Products for 2024

Episode 5

Prepare to be wowed as #RHONJ Bravo sensation, Margaret Josephs , shares insights on #dryjanuary and her incredible mocktail brand, Soireé ! Also, brace yourselves for wisdom from former professional wrestler and figure skater, Brandi Rhodes , as she guides us toward achieving our fitness aspirations for the New Year! In our special gift segment, we’re unveiling treasures from three amazing brands! Dive into the world of 3D printed chocolate with 3dconfectionery , experience the revolutionary comfort of Sunhead Pillow , and explore the fantastic offerings of LeapFrog USA !

Dr. Letitia Wright, Julie DeLucca Collins, & Ella Shae

Episode 4

Dr. Letitia Wright is the Executive Producer and Host of Wright Place TV who teaches us how to pivot in the new year. Julie DeLucca Collins is an expert in building confidence and shares habits to help build self-confidence. Ella Shae, author of From Broken to Beautifully Broken, mental health advocate, public speaker, and author, educates us on how self-care can help your mental health.

Thais Harris, Kelly Kruger, & James Gray Robinson

Episode 3

This week, Thais Harris, board-certified holistic nutritionist and author educating us on why self-love is a foundational step in a healing journey. Kelly Kruger, actress, influencer, and business owner from roles on “Young and the Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful”, sharing an easy, healthy, and delicious recipe for the holidays. James Gray Robinson, widely recognized healer and coach, educating us on how our brains secretly sabotage our lives – and how we can hack our brains.


Episode 2

William Branum is a highly decorated Navy SEAL with 26 years of service. He has taken all that he has learned to help others transition through life like a Navy SEAL. Tune in this weekend so you can learn to do the same! Gerontologist and Healthy Aging Coach Darnell Cox, is going to talk with us about how to prioritize our health and manage stress during the holidays as well as what we can do to live to 100!


Episode 1

On this episode: You know him as the winner of American Idol season 2, say hello to Grammy-nominated singer Ruben Studdard! Ruben will be sharing his journey and how he has overcome challenges to achieve success in the music industry. Doc. Brown, renowned mental health expert and clinical psychologist, educates us on how to not let our emotional backpack weigh us down.