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5 Secrets to Stop Doubting and Start Dreaming

Are you ready for a relaunch? If you feel the call for a big life change – be it a new city, a new career, or a new relationship, you might be tempted to ask yourself:

What if it doesn’t work out?

What if I fail?

What if I regret it?

The biggest reason people avoid significant changes is because they give in to their doubts and fears.  

Best-selling author and former big tech executive Kara Goldin went through a major relaunch when she and her husband founded the water brand Hint. Today, they’re running a successful brand with a cult following. Kara has some top tips for overcoming your doubts so you, too, can follow your dreams.

  1. Don’t Get Stuck

Even if you’re happy with your current place in life, you may be stuck in the midzone. That’s when things are just the status quo. For example, at work you could be checking all the boxes, getting the right praise, even mentoring others, but have little time for your own growth or life goals.

Aim for opportunities that allow you to branch out, learn, and grow. If you’re not, look to make a change.

  1. Keep Good Company

When you decide to relaunch, make sure you surround yourself with the right people. Depending on your plan, this may mean support such as an investor or perhaps an accountability partner to help you stick with it.

Also, don’t underestimate the power of networking. When you embark on a new path, there may be a learning curve for your current circle or those you’re looking to reach. Expanding your network may help you meet your goals faster.

  1. Connect the Dots

Don’t miss the opportunity to use your past to your advantage. Life is truly a series of connecting the dots, and that includes using past experiences to create new ones.

When you look back at your past, you may see a pattern that led you to your current relaunch. Even the hard times – and sometimes in particular the hard times – help make you stronger and more resilient. And that’s just who you need to be to follow your dreams.

  1. Believe in Yourself

It’s imperative that you buy into your dream, not matter how far-fetched. In fact, your belief in your relaunch can be the antidote for doubts that hold you back. Chances are, there will be voices that will doubt for you. Choose to fully believe in yourself, block out the noise, and move forward.

  1. Try Anyway

Let’s go back to those first questions you may ask yourself, the What If’s:

  • What if it doesn’t work out?
  • What if I fail?
  • What if I regret it?

What if you do? You can always pivot and relaunch again. And no matter what happens, you’ll learn more about yourself and the world around you in the process.

Don’t let doubts hold you back from your dreams. Start down the path that’s calling you today!

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