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Get the 4-Step Magic Formula To Ignite Business Growth     LEARN MORE

How to Meditate for the Real World in 3 Steps

Which statement best describes you?

  • I’ve never said OHM in my life.
  • I’d like to try MEDITATION but I’m too busy.
  • I’ve tried but I just can’t STICK with it.

As a busy mom, wife, and career woman, Ali Katz was struggling with life’s demands. That’s when someone suggested she try MEDITATION. With practice, she was TRANSFORMED.

Meditation stopped the constant noise in her mind and helped her feel OPEN and CONNECTED in a way she didn’t think she ever would be. Her anxiety lifted. She was more CONFIDENT, made BETTER CHOICES, and was more PRESENT in her life.

This TRANSFORMATION led her to a new CAREER PATH. Today, she’s a meditation expert and best-selling author of the book HOT MESS TO MINDFUL MOM.


CLEAR YOUR MIND. These 3 words are often used in conjunction with meditative practices. But Ali believes they’re a MISCONCEPTION. No one can TRULY clear their mind.

The practice of meditation is learning how to FOCUS. When things surface in your thoughts, you bring your mind BACK to the practice and not all the other stuff.

Ali’s goal of helping others learn to MEDITATE FOR THE REAL WORLD begins with working with your thoughts and learning to HARNESS them through FOCUS.


A MEDITATION PRACTICE that works for the REAL WORLD, for REAL LIFE must be relatable, simple, and attainable. Ali has 3 TIPS for getting started:


You don’t need to block off all day or book an overnight retreat to start. Even SMALL amounts of FOCUSED time can have BIG effects on your life. Start out with just 5 minutes at a time, using a timer to keep track.


If you want to lose weight and you eat a healthy lunch, you’ll feel good, but you won’t truly make progress until you eat healthy every day. The same is true for meditation. Commit to a session every day. Ali believes it’s better to practice less once a day than go for longer sessions less frequently.


Don’t increase your session time until you feel ready to do so, then go up from there. A slow and steady pace will help you stay committed and you’ll begin to see results. 


Today, Ali still gets stressed, annoyed, and frustrated just like anyone else. The difference? She is able to RECOVER more quickly in the moment since she’s used to finding her CENTER, that place of CALM.

The BENEFITS of meditation are POWERFUL because it touches your MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.  Here are 3 NOT-TO-MISS BENEFITS:


Meditation literally creates new neural pathways in your brain. When you engage in a regular practice, the parts of your brain that send you into fight or flight response are reduced and the parts that help you focus on learning, memory, and emotional awareness become enlarged. This change only increases over time.


Meditative practice can help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, ease chronic pain, and make menopause and PMS less disruptive.


As you make meditation a part of your regular routine, you’ll feel less stress, less judgmental, have more confidence, and feel more connected to your true purpose, to name a few. The truth is, no one ever says they like themselves MORE before MEDITATION!

If you’ve been putting off giving meditation a try, there’s never been a better time. Add it to your life, and TRANSFORM your world.


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