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Get the 4-Step Magic Formula To Ignite Business Growth     LEARN MORE

5 Secrets to Finding Joy on Your Journey

Are you finding JOY in your life right now? If not, ask yourself the following questions:

What do I LIKE about my life?

What do I NOT like?

Is there something I can DO that would bring me more JOY?

It’s time to stop pleasing everybody else and explore what YOU want.

Let’s take Kelly Foster for example. Kelly was in a similar place. She followed her father’s advice and started her adult life in a career that brought her SUCCESS but not JOY. Through a series of career RELAUNCHES, Kelly progressively found her way to her current profession as a Holistic Health Coach. Today, she has JOY on her JOURNEY.

How did Kelly get there? She followed 5 steps to DISCOVER what she was meant to do – a calling that brings her the JOY we all can have.


Is your life currently in a BOX you don’t fit comfortably in? Maybe it’s too small, with little room for you to GROW. Or it may be too big, paralyzing you from making better CHOICES.

Here’s the first SECRET – You don’t need to fit into a box! There’s ROOM to figure out what you want to DO and HOW you’re going to do it!

Today, Kelly shows her clients how GET OUT OF THE BOX. She recommends that you ask yourself this question: What FILLS me up?  If it makes you happy, then work towards MORE of it, whether it’s in your current box or not.

It’s time to REDESIGN your box, or scrap it altogether!


When seeking JOY in your life, it’s important to continue LEARNING. Regardless of where you’re at or what you’re doing, you ALWAYS have an OPPORTUNITY to LEARN more.

Kelly has these AMAZING words of WISDOM: When you KNOW something really well, you have the opportunity to teach it and when you DON’T KNOW something you have the beautiful opportunity to learn it.

Make this commitment: share with others who can learn from you and DON’T STOP LEARNING.


Kelly took a series of PROGRESSIVE STEPS to where she is today. Looking back, she sees that each choice to find JOY connected the dots to where she was MEANT to be. In fact, she’s not done! In her effort to help her clients with whole health, she’s interested in the way our bodies store trauma. For this reason, she’s pursuing a Masters in Psychology.

What does this have to do with you? Kelly’s not done with her JOURNEY to JOY. She’s still taking it STEP by STEP. You can do the same.

Don’t DISCOUNT the STEPS that have led you to where you are. They’re pointing you toward JOY. Then, continue your journey. Take the next STEP with the CONFIDENCE that each step MATTERS.


To find your JOY, you must be AUTHENTIC. When you lack authenticity, your journey becomes ROBOTIC. You’ll find yourself doing something you don’t want to be doing – you’ll feel like an IMPOSTER in your own skin.

When you are TRUE TO YOU, your whole world changes. Others will notice your AUTHENTICITY and be drawn to the JOY that follows. You’ll question less and MOVE FORWARD.


Your INTUITION is a VALUABLE tool in your JOURNEY to JOY. When you KNOW where you want to go, you can GROW.

Take time to LISTEN to yourself. Be with your thoughts and quiet your mind so you can truly HEAR where you’re meant to go. But when you do, look out for FEAR.

Kelly takes a NO REGRETS stance in life. Her philosophy is: You can FORGET everything and RUN or FACE everything and RISE. Don’t be afraid to take a chance. When you’re doing what you’re supposed to, the PATH FORWARD will become clear.

Kelly has had plenty of RELAUNCHES. But with them she always sees the POSSIBILITIES for JOY. It’s time to find yours.

Learn more about Kelly on her website, http://kellyfoster.net

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