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Get the 4-Step Magic Formula To Ignite Business Growth     LEARN MORE

Untangle Your Past and Rewire for a Better Future

When Nancy Levin’s marriage ended, she knew it was time for a change. She lived her life as a perfectionist with a Never-Let-Them-See-You-Sweat mentality. But her focus on her WORTH and her ACCOMPLISHMENTS were limiting her POTENTIAL.

She was ready to make HERSELF a PRIORITY.

Nancy saw the CHAOS in her life as a GATEWAY of OPPORTUNITY. Today, she’s a life coach and the author of 5 books, including Permission to Put Yourself First.

She believes you can UNTANGLE your past and REWIRE for a BETTER FUTURE. Here’s how:


The CHAOS in Nancy’s life was ultimately because she was HIDING the TRUTH. She based her WORTH on what she ACHIEVED and the APPROVAL of others.

Once she was WILLING to take a look at the DEEP TRUTH in her life versus the PERSONA she was putting forward, she could UNTANGLE the unhealthy PATTERNS she’d developed.

Are you PACKAGING yourself in such a way as to be digestible to the others in your life? Is this who you TRULY are?

We create our own CHAOS in our lives when we’re HIDING the TRUTH. When our energy is spent PROTECTING others and AVOIDING the TRUTH we can’t move on. It’s time to GET to the TRUTH.


It’s important to know that our LIMITING BELIEFS are imprinted before the age of 10. This means we live most of our lives with the SAME PREDICTABLE PATTERNS.

Time and again, our focus on self-preservation – the things we do to try to keep us safe – become our own self-sabotage. Then, through life’s circumstances, our INTERNAL feelings come out in PATTERNS that become predictable to those around us.

It’s time to DISRUPT these patterns. Your WORTH is not about your ACHIEVMENTS, what you DO, what you GIVE. It’s about YOU!


Like many of us, Nancy was living OTHERED. She was FOCUSED on how others felt, on their needs.

Do you give yourself PERMISSION to consider your own needs? Do you ever put your needs FIRST?

Here’s a SECRET: to SERVE others you need to be GROUNDED in YOURSELF.

Nancy sees SELFISH, SELF CARE, and SELF LOVE as three SISTERS that SUPPORT you in HONORING yourself!

All too often, we disown SELFISHNESS and celebrate SELFLESSNESS. But when we’re SELFLESS we VANISH. What’s more, when we DISOWN SELFISHNESS it actually draws more SELFISH people towards us. If there’s something you’re seeing in others that’s undesirable, you’re probably PROJECTING it yourself.

When you take time for YOU, you RECLAIM your life. 


Do you have a QUALITY that you have attached a NEGATIVE connotation to? For Nancy, that quality is LAZINESS. But the reality is, this quality actually BENEFITS her in moderation.

It’s OKAY to use the qualities you’ve told yourself aren’t PERMISSIBLE to REWIRE your PATTERNS.

If it FILLS you, USE IT!


Once you UNTANGLE your TRUTH and focus on REWIRING your PATTERNS, you can STREAMLINE who you are and what you do.

The key is to be DELIBERATE in your behavior and your actions. RESIST the urge to push or muscle things through. Instead, find your PEOPLE and your BOUNDARIES.

Free your YES by honoring your NO.

It’s neither sustainable nor scalable to go it alone – or to try and do it all. When you learn to seek help and delegate your weaknesses to those who know more than you do, you can FOCUS on what you do best.

Are you ready for a BETTER FUTURE? Get started today with the tips above.

Learn more about Nancy’s program and much more on her website, https://nancylevin.com

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