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Get the 4-Step Magic Formula To Ignite Business Growth     LEARN MORE

Break Free from Mindset Traps in 5 Simple Steps

Are you STUCK in a MINDSET TRAP and can’t seem to break free? Do you even know what a MINDSET TRAP is (hint… your thoughts and their pattern)? It’s not hard to do these days. When you feel you’re out of options, it’s easy to hit a wall and resign yourself to your situation instead of looking at the POSSIBILITIES. Instead, it’s time to get CREATIVE.

I know I wouldn’t be where I am RIGHT NOW without my personal coach. Jim Fortin is one of the world’s leaders in subconscious self-transformation, helping high-performing, selling professionals and entrepreneurs significantly increase their sales and performance by using brain-based and subconscious / unconscious strategies. These strategies also help his clients increase their personal performance. I’m living proof!

One way I know to BREAK FREE of a MINDSET TRAP is with Jim’s MASTER THOUGHTS FORMULA. Jim KNOWS that in most situations, you’re not really STUCK, it’s your MINDSET that’s on pause. In reality, even when you feel you have no control, you CAN control your THOUGHTS.


The truth is, NOTHING outside yourself will make you happy. That relationship, that job, that city – whatever it is for you, the second it doesn’t go the way you want it to, you’re UNHAPPY. Why? Because you’re making something on the OUTSIDE determine your INTERNAL happiness, an act that is completely COUNTER PRODUCTIVE – and leads to MINDSET TRAPS.

You are MORE than your thoughts. To set yourself up for possibility and break the PATTERN, try these 5 steps from Jim’s MASTER THOUGHTS FORMULA starting now:


The FOUNDATION of Jim’s formula is to have one MASTER THOUGHT that drives the rest of your thinking. Most people have one thought that all other thoughts come from. Often, it’s NEGATIVE, leading to fear and depression. As a result, you wind up feeling TRAPPED. But you have the POWER over your MASTER THOUGHT, so if yours has you down, choose a NEW one.


Jim shares that negativity often comes to us unconsciously. You won’t usually recognize this THOUGHT PATTERN until you’re in a NEGATIVE place. From there, you wind up looking for your thoughts to be TRUE and find yourself in a MINDSET TRAP.

How do you know when you’re headed there? Remember that you FEEL like you THINK. In order to RECOGNIZE negativity, be AWARE of your feelings. Replace your current thoughts with those that SUPPORT you instead of lead to you to a place of FEAR. With practice, you’ll INTERPRET your life differently.


In order to change your THOUGHT PATTERN, you need to think about HOW you think. Right now, you may be going through a hard time. Your identity may be changing. Maybe it’s a divorce or a job change or even a GLOBAL PANDEMIC. Jim believes that bad stuff doesn’t happen, but rather we make INTERPRETATIONS about what happens.

The TRUTH IS, nothing means ANYTHING except the MEANING that you give it. Take time to CONSTRUCT YOUR THINKING. Start with your conversations. Don’t let them go down a NEGATIVE path. Instead, spin every conversation in a POSITIVE light.


It’s time to focus on a POSITIVE self-image. To do so, you need to BELIEVE you are what you want to be. Jim says there are two different types of IDENTITY. One identity is ASSURED and CONFIDENT. The other identity works from CIRCUMSTANCE. The first identity CREATES their world, the second identity is being MOLDED by it. Go for #1!

Don’t let the circumstances around you determine how you feel. Instead, CREATE your IDENTITY, INTENTION, and the ENERGY you put out into the world?


Jim teaches that we all read people subconsciously. If your negative thoughts show up in encounters with others, they will FEEL it. Instead, you have to manage the energy you bring to any situation – be it a date, an interview, or a sales pitch. This starts by CHANGING your beliefs.

It’s important to understand that your ENVIRONMENT is your BELIEFS OBJECTIFIED. For example, if you want to know what you BELIEVE about relationships, look at your relationship history. This is a RELFECTION of what you BELIEVE.

In order to change your beliefs, Jim shares something that’s hard to take – YOU need to change. When you accept 100% responsibility for your life, you can CHANGE what you BELIEVE about yourself and the world.

Jim’s MASTER THOUGHTS FORMULA helps you SHIFT your thinking and CONTROL your OUTLOOK. From there, you’ll be able to BREAK FREE of the MINDSET TRAP that’s holding you back, and start to see you’re never really stuck.

To learn more about Jim’s work, check him out at https://www.jimfortin.com

And remember, at The ReLaunch Co, we’re ready to help you chance your life for the BETTER. Come to my FB group, The ReLaunch Effect to SHARE your journey with others. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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