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Get the 4-Step Magic Formula To Ignite Business Growth     LEARN MORE

Top Ways to Retrain Your Brain and Have More in Life

Are you moving through life in slow motion? Does a certain situation have you confused about which way to go next? It may be time to shift your MINDSET.

I recently had to pleasure of sitting down with author Jen Groover to talk about her latest book, The MORE Method. More than just a writer, Jen is a one-woman brand – an entrepreneur featured in major magazines and publications around the globe, a sought after international motivational speaker, and creativity and innovation guru. And she knows the SECRET to becoming and achieving MORE.


At its heart, The MORE Method is truly about MINDSET. Jen challenges you to ask the following question:

How does my view of the world affect what happens to me?

If your view is based on FEAR, this impacts how you move through life. But if it’s CENTERED and STRATEGIC, you’ll bring forth your BEST SELF – and this will DEFINE what happens to you in the years ahead.

When a crisis occurs, you may not have control of what’s happening on the outside, but you CAN control your THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS. What’s more, you can control how you choose to VIEW the event.

Easy enough, right? However, choosing the right MINDSET is a MUSCLE like any other. Jen taught herself how to use – and strengthen – this muscle. Now, she’s sharing it with the world. With practice, you too, can RETRAIN your BRAIN.


When Jen encounters a crisis in her own life, she knows it’s time to find the right MINDSET quickly. To move from a place of FEAR to a place of STRATEGY, she asks herself these TWO questions just before bedtime:

1: How can I see this situation DIFFERENTLY or BETTER?

2: How do I see an OPPORTUNITY and not an OBSTACLE?

Why before bed? Jen shared with me the psychological process of asking the HARD QUESTIONS just before you fall asleep at night. When you do, it opens up your subconscious mind, allowing you to answer what you can’t during the day.


I believe each defining moment in your life has a SILVER LINING. There really is INNOVATION in every OPPORTUNITY. Which is why I love the MORE Method.

A culmination of Jen’s 20 plus years of teaching human potential, the MORE Method is a SIMPLE formula to help you get MORE of EVERYTHING you desire in life. This FRAMEWORK for SUCCESS can work for your relationships, your finances, your career, and much more – at ANY stage in life!

Each letter of the MORE Method is the formula:


In order to get MORE, you first need to be more MINDFUL. This is the FOUNDATION of all SUCCESS. This will require you to consistently audit where you are and make changes to go where you want. To do so, follow some steps from Jen’s Mindfulness Checklist:

Be mindful of your THOUGHTS throughout the day

Choose the quality of your WORDS

Check your free time ACTIVITIES for value

Look at the PEOPLE you surround yourself with, both in person and online. Do they add to your life or distract you from your goals?

– Evaluate what you’re doing to your BODY


Next, you need to OPTIMIZE your body and brain. These are the things you CAN control:


What you EAT and DRINK




You control your EMOTIONAL state by controlling your MENTAL state. Therefore, work to be RESPONSIVE rather than REACTIVE in your life.

How you VIEW things affects how you FEEL. Are your perceptions and the meaning you give to things HURTING you or HELPING you?

Training your brain to be more RESPONSIVE takes practice. Here’s what Jen recommends:

1. PAUSE – When a situation bothers you, stop before you react.

2. REFLECT – Ask yourself – Why am I bothered by this?

3. REFRAME – Change course so it doesn’t bother you and you stay in control of your emotions. Remember that it’s not about you but about coming up with a solution.

4. REENGAGE – Once you go through all the steps, you can come back to the moment as the BEST version of yourself.


When you’re ready for MORE, you’re really seeking FULLFILLMENT. To do so, you need to move toward SUCCESS in a holistic way. This includes:

PROFESSIONAL achievement

PERSONAL evolution

HEALTH and well-being


Together, these bring holistic success, leading to MORE of the life you want.

What do you want MORE of right now? Are you ready to get it? If so, RETRAIN your BRAIN to the MINDSET that will take you further and get MORE of what you want!

These are just some of Jen’s most SUCCESFUL TOOLS she shares in The MORE Method. To learn more about Jen, check out her website at https://jengroover.com.

And remember, at The ReLaunch Co, we’re ready to help you get MORE. Come to my FB group, The ReLaunch Effect to SHARE your journey with others. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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