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Get the 4-Step Magic Formula To Ignite Business Growth     LEARN MORE

Discover Your True Purpose in 4 Steps

Do you feel like you’re living the life you were TRULY meant to live? If you’re like me, you may have heard an INNER VOICE telling you there’s MORE to life.

Maybe it’s the pull towards a new career, or perhaps a long-time relationship is ending. You may feel it’s time to invest in YOU in new ways. If so, you’re not alone.

Kim Woods had it all – a successful career as an IT consultant, a loving husband, and wonderful children. Her life should have been PERFECT. But it wasn’t. There was a DISSATISFACTION inside of Kim. She knew there was MORE to her story.

This led her on a POWERFUL journey to find who she was meant to be, taking her from corporate consultant to spiritual leader. Talk about a RELAUNCH!

Today, she is a sought-after spiritual leader and author. She channels the voice of her clients’ souls from the minute they were born. In this way, they see themselves with CLARITY – a view without familial conditioning, societal expectations, or cultural norms. This clarity allows them to see what they are here to do, to find their TRUE PURPOSE.

Kim shares how you, too, can start the journey to find your TRUE PURPOSE.


That INNER VOICE that’s telling you there’s MORE to life? There’s a reason for that! It’s ALIGNED with your TRUE PURPOSE.

At first, it may start out small, with just a whisper. But as it grows louder, so will your DISCONTENT.

Don’t miss the DISCONTENT you feel – it may just mean you’re onto something REAL.

When you can no longer IGNORE that INNER VOICE pointing you down on a new path, it’s time to LISTEN UP.


Here’s a vital TRUTH: you CARE about what you KNOW to be true about YOU. And when you realize the things that matter, you LEAN into who YOU are.

In order to MOVE FORWARD, you must know, like, and trust yourself.

Start exploring what you KNOW to be true of yourself. Take time to list your good qualities and your gifts. Narrow down the things in life that bring you JOY. This will lead you to WHO YOU ARE, and in turn, closer to who you’re MEANT TO BE.


Ready to say YES to your INNER VOICE? Kim says your first step is to TRUST your INTUITION. It’s important to know that in this world we’re trained to IGNORE our intuition. However, if you don’t have this imperative piece of yourself, you can’t get to the other parts.

To begin, know your type – HEAD or BELLY.

BELLY INTUITION is INSTINCTIVE. It’s a natural feeling, that ‘Go With Your Gut’ mentality.

HEAD INTUITION is more thoughtful and abstract. It’s how you FEEL around a person or an idea.

Once your know your type, start small. Ask yourself simple questions: Should I bring an umbrella with me today? Does this conversation feel safe? Then go with your first answer. Make this a practice before going big.

Questions like: Should I leave my job? or Should I marry this person? should come after you start learning to use your intuition regularly.


When you say YES to you INNER VOICE, you’re doing things at the CORE of your being – things your bones, your blood, and your heart are YEARNING for. As with any GROWTH, there will also be discomfort.

Your natural tendency will be to put up your own roadblocks and walls. There’s always a GOOD reason to say NO:

I’m making too much money to leave

People won’t believe me

I’m not good at this

I’m better at what I’m already doing

Saying YES won’t always be easy. You may have doubts and setbacks. But Kim says when this happens you’re on the right path! If it wasn’t such a big deal it wouldn’t have this much MEANING.

Fight these excuses and say YES!

Today, Kim feels like every day is Christmas. She gets to be who she TRULY is. For her, it feels MAGICAL. She loves what she does and this in turn impacts every aspect of her life. She sees the many SILVER LININGS of saying YES.

Start the journey to your TRUE PURPOSE and find your SILVER LININGS, too.

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