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Get the 4-Step Magic Formula To Ignite Business Growth     LEARN MORE

Don’t Miss Your Next Big Opportunity

Are you ready for a RESET? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone, particularly in today’s climate of uncertainty. But pandemic or not, we all have those moments when we’re ready to MOVE ON and discover the next phase of our lives.


Keri Murphy, CEO and founder of Inspired Living TV, knows how you feel. Today, she helps her clients become go-to experts in their field and build influential brands by finding their IT Factor. But before that, she was forced to hit RESET in a big way.

Beginning in her 20’s, Keri ran a successful talent agency in Portland, OR. However, when the recession hit, she found herself holding on to a failing business. Why? Simply put, she allowed the agency to DEFINE her, making it harder to LET GO. But that’s just what she needed to do. When she finally said “I’m done,” she realized the grip her business had on her life. Keri filed for bankruptcy, short-sold her home, and put everything she owned in a U-haul trailer. Was she scared? Yes! Was she asking herself WHY? Absolutely!

But here’s what gave Keri the COURAGE to LET GO and MOVE FORWARD. She knew deep down, that some things aren’t meant to be saved. She knew that the experiences that CHALLENGE us are what allow us to GROW and step into NEW OPPORTUNITIES.


Are you trying to resuscitate something that shouldn’t be saved? Maybe it’s a relationship that’s headed nowhere. Or a career you can’t get ahead in. Or perhaps you, too, have a business that’s coming to an end. Keri has a few tips to help you move from FEAR to FAITH – and find your next OPPORTUNITY.


Be prepared to ADMIT when you can’t move forward. This alone will allow you to LET GO of what’s holding you back and WRITE the next chapter with confidence.


True RESILIENCE comes from EXPERIENCE. Explore how you got where you are – chances are what you’re going through now will prepare you to succeed at future OPPORTUNITIES.


There is POWER in investing in a team of people that will support you through transition. This may be a life coach, your best girlfriends, your clients, your own mom, or, even better, all of the above! You can take BOLDER steps with your people. So LEAN IN to a FOUNDATION that will help you GROW.


It’s vital that you do the work of YOU. Understand your triggers – not your CIRCUMSTANCES but your own PAST – and how it affects your decisions. When you’re tempted to revert to your default, choose instead to LOVE who you are. The more you UNDERSTAND and LOVE YOURSELF, more of the things you WANT will happen.


It’s easy to look at the door closing in front of you. But TURN AROUND and discover what’s around you. This is where your NEW OPPORTUNITIES can be found. There is always a SILVER LINING – finding it is the KEY to creating the next phase of your life. From there, you can EMBRACE future possibilities.

Your CHALLENGES can lead to GROWTH and be the path to NEW OPPORTUNITIES. So what are you waiting for? LET GO and MOVE FORWARD today!

At The ReLaunch Co, we’re ready to help you find NEW OPPORTUNITIES. Feeling stuck? Take our FREE quiz now! And don’t miss our 7 DAY UNSTUCK CHALLENGE to help you MOVE FORWARD today!

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