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4 Secrets to Finding Love That Will Last

Finding a life partner is probably the MOST IMPORTANT decision you’ll ever make. Even more important than your career, where you live, or even what you give back to the world, the person you partner up with matters.

In fact, celebrity dating coach Bela Gahndi thinks this ONE person will determine 90% of your happiness or 90% of your misery. And Bela knows a thing or two about finding LOVE. Her company, Smart Dating Academy, helps people find their life partner every day, including celebrities you know well!

But finding LOVE that LASTS – the kind that leads to happiness – can seem daunting. After all, 48% of American adults are single right now! And 50% of first marriages end in divorce.

The fact is, what we think should be natural isn’t. And no one is really teaching us how to find that happiness. Think about what putting people in happy, healthy relationships would do to our world. To our workforce. To the healthcare system. Real love is a GAME CHANGER for us all.

If you’re struggling to find lasting love, Bela believes it’s not the process that’s off –it’s your “picker” that needs help. Her advice will put you on the right track to the BEST kind of love – the kind that LASTS. 

Here are her 4 SECRETS to finding that LOVE:



More often than not, what we learn about relationships is watching our parents navigate their own. And with half the country’s marriages ending in divorce, there’s a good chance that’s not always the right place to look.

It’s time to RETHINK relationships. They aren’t easy, even when they feel right. Just like other things in life, like learning to cook or how to ride a bike, love that lasts is a skill  you need to practice to get right.

In Bela’s program, they teach clients to look for potential partners with high GPQ – Good Partner Qualities. These are based on your own individual qualities. Once you TUNE IN to these qualities, you’ll discover that the key to your happiness may not be what you thought you wanted.

Who have you BEEN looking for? Is it different than who SHOULD you be looking for?

Practice the skill of dating with your GPQ list in mind and eventually, practice will make perfect.


Does the idea of putting yourself out there, of committing to finding love that lasts seem intimidating? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Bela suggests getting CREATIVE when it comes to dating. Join groups with common interests or try new things on your own. You never know who you’ll wind up meeting!

When you do snag a date, think outside the dinner and a movie box to outside adventures, new experiences, and local culture. What’s more, when you’re first getting to know someone, try activities that put you side by side, such as a walk or a trip to a museum. It can be easier to converse than face to face, allowing you to get to know one other better.


Bela is emphatic that online dating has never been more popular. In fact, 95 % of her clients find love online. Yes, even her celebrity clients are meeting people this way!

But online dating often carries a stigma with it. Chances are you’ve heard at least one of the following statements:

  • There are no good people online, only the ones no one else wants
  • Dating online is like a scarlet letter, no one will want me
  • If I have to go online to find love, something must be wrong with me

It’s time to turn your mindset around and GET ONLINE! For one, be grateful for the OPPORTUNITY to meet more people than ever before. Flashback to 1985 with me. Who would you meet if you’re 41 and divorced? These sites and apps have revolutionized the dating world, and in many cases for the better!


Are you willing to take steps to find LOVE that LASTS? If so, don’t be embarrassed to ASK FOR HELP.

Enlist the help of a friend you trust or a dating coach that can walk side by side with you as you start your journey, including how to discern the right online profile, look for the right kind of person, and help you avoid wasting time on bad matches. Having a friend, family member, or coach help you is like having a personal trainer for your LOVE LIFE!

And most importantly, don’t let past disappointments keep you from finding LOVE that LASTS. You, and your future love life, are worth it!

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