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3 Simple Steps to Love How You Look from the Inside Out

How healthy is your BODY IMAGE? Do you obsess about what you eat – or what you don’t eat? Are you constantly concerned about your weight?

A NEGATIVE view of your own body may be impacting your overall well-being.

You wouldn’t be the only one if you answered YES to the question above. Take for example Felicia Broccolo, a voice for women who have struggled with eating disorders. She was so into healthy eating, it was actually UNHEALTHY. She believed being skinny was the answer to all her problems. Her relationship with food and her own body was out of balance, leading to control issues that impaired her ability to live a normal, happy life.

Her RELAUNCH – REDEFINING her relationship with food and her body – led her to a new career. Today, she’s a coach for active people who overeat.

If you struggle with a negative body image, here are 3 tips that can help you LOVE how you look from the inside out:


Many women tend to think that by just having or attaining their IDEAL body it is going to make them happy. That’s not always the case. Also, many women believe that they can’t control themselves around food or certain foods – that it holds the power not them. And it’s more than a willpower issue, it’s that belief in the lack of control that can lead you to overeat. It the majority of these situations, it’s your MINDSET that needs the work, not your body.

To love how you look, you need to CHANGE YOUR MINDSET.

This starts by altering your BELIEFS about what is important and what you are capable of. Not sure where to begin? Here’s a great new belief to live by:

Your BODY TYPE doesn’t determine your HEALTH.

Look around. Women come in all shapes and sizes and are capable of AMAZING things! Surround yourself with HEALTHY ideas about women. Pay attention to what you watch and listen to. Discourage negative talk – and self-talk – amongst the women you love. Practice this BELIEF and ones like it and you can CHANGE YOUR MINDSET for the better.


When you do lose control and eat too much, working out to compensate for it isn’t always the answer. It can become an unhealthy barter system and lead to pushing your body too hard.

As you work to gain a more POSITIVE body image, learn to BALANCE IT OUT.

This begins with a better understanding of nutrition and exercise. For example, a smaller portion of an unhealthy food choice doesn’t make it healthier. Neither does overeating and then adding in an extra run.

Instead, eat HEALTHY meals that will give you the energy you need for SMART workouts. Learn to listen to your body. That power shake your friend loves may not be the breakfast that keeps you going. And if you’re too sore after your last class at the gym, take a few days off to recover.

With BALANCE, you’ll be on your way to a BETTER version of yourself.


Once you have balance, it’s time to MAKE A PLAN.

With a plan, you can make lasting CHANGES to how you approach both eating and exercising.

For example, if you have an unhealthy habit of snacking on potato chips, you may think the answer is to get rid of the chips. But it’s not! Instead, do the following:

  • PLAN when you will eat them. Give yourself a set time when you can have a sensible portion.
  • ACKNOWLEDGE your thoughts about the chips. Do they make you feel guilty after you eat them? Do you have trouble concentrating until you’ve indulged? Sit with those thoughts, even if they’re uncomfortable.
  • PRACTICE your plan until it becomes your new routine.


Don’t let a negative body image rob you of a happy, healthy life. With the right MINDSET, BALANCE, and a PLAN, you, too, can LOVE the way you look!

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