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Get the 4-Step Magic Formula To Ignite Business Growth     LEARN MORE

The 2 Things You Need Right Now to Get Back to Business

The only real constant is change, right? Now more than ever, it seems very little stays the same. In the midst of a global pandemic, we’ve changed so much about our lives. From the way we work out, to what we buy (or don’t buy), to how we conduct business – Zoom, anyone? – things don’t look like they used to.

In the midst of so much CHANGE, take a moment to answer one question. Since the start of the pandemic, what HASN’T changed in your life?

I believe there are TWO answers to this question:

  1. The CORE of who you are
  2. The FOUNDATIONS of business

What’s more, I believe these TWO answers are what you need RIGHT NOW to get BACK TO BUSINESS, both personally and professionally.


Do you know what the CORE of who you are is? It’s your SUPERPOWERS. I also like to refer to these powers as your ZONE OF GENIUS. It’s what lights you up, even in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Now more than ever, it’s important to EMBRACE these SUPERPOWERS. Not sure what yours are? Here’s how to find them:

What are you GOOD at? Maybe you like to communicate with others. Perhaps you’re a natural salesperson. You might be a fabulous writer or a beautiful singer. Your natural talents are very likely your SUPERPOWERS.

What FUELS you? Perhaps it’s a hobby or sport. It may be a creative outlet you simply enjoy. The activities that FUEL you can make uncertain times OPPORTUNITIES to embrace change.

EMBRACE your SUPERPOWERS and you’ll find the CORE of who you are.


The other thing you need RIGHT NOW is to remember the FOUNDATIONS of BUSINESS. Even in a global pandemic, these haven’t changed.

I recently discovered that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have the same FAVORITE business book. It’s called Business Adventure and it’s over 40 years old! Decades later, its message still applies, because a good FOUNDATION stands the test of time.

One of the KEY foundations discussed in the book is that consumers are EMOTIONAL beings, and IRRATIONAL in our buying decisions. This is biology. Even with technological advances and the shift to online platforms, you’re still dealing with a customer or client behind that computer screen.

This EMOTION means that when you focus on being YOU people will connect with you. That goes for how you show up in every area of life. Combine this with the essential tenets of business, such as strategy and sound financials, and you can’t go wrong.


This year hasn’t been easy. But I say the SILVER LINING of all of this is that we have the OPPORTUNITY to look inside of who we are and what we do. We have the TIME to work on our own FOUNDATION and maybe even pull out some things within ourselves that haven’t CHANGED but have been there all along.

Together, the CORE of who you are and remembering the FOUNDATIONS of business will set you up for SUCCESS even amidst change. Tap into your ZONE of GENIUS both in your life and at work. Then put FOUNDATIONS in place so that you – and your business – will withstand the test of time, not matter what’s to come.

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