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Get the 4-Step Magic Formula To Ignite Business Growth     LEARN MORE

The 3 Relationships that are Critical to Your Success

How do you define SUCCESS? It may be the size of your bank account or marrying your soul mate. It might even be satisfaction with who you are. But what if I told you it could be all of the above?

The KEY to finding true SUCCESS in life starts with CLARITY. When you have a clear picture of where you are right now, of what’s working in your life and what’s not, you have the ability to make the necessary changes to MOVE FORWARD.

I believe that starts with examining 3 CRITICAL relationships in your life.


ROMANTIC – This could be your current relationship or one you hope to find. It may also be a relationship it’s time to let go of or one that’s just beginning.

CAREER – This is your current commitment and vision for the future of your career. This could relate to your role at a large corporation or the viability of your own business.

SELF – This is how you feel about who you are and what you stand for and happens to be the most important of the three.

The question is, what are expecting from all THREE of these RELATIONSHIPS? Here’s how to find out.


Ask yourself the following QUESTIONS:

  1. Is this relationship FEEDING MY SOUL or SUCKING THE LIFE out of me?

Explore how each area ENHANCES or DETRACTS from your overall quality of life. Do they drum up POSITIVE thoughts? Do you find you want MORE of what they have to offer or are they WEIGHING you down?

  1. What are the PROS and CONS in each relationship?

This is a classic approach that really works! Write down each category, draw a line down the middle, and list out the GOOD, the BAD, and even the UGLY. You’ll learn more than you thought from this simple exercise.

  1. What would SUCCESS look like in each category?

Imagine the perfect day in every area. What’s happening? Who’s there? Who’s not there? How do you feel? What do you still want from each are to feel like you’ve succeeded?


When you take the time to examine the 3 CRITICAL relationships in your life, you may find that they’re OUT OF BALANCE. This remind me of the three parts of a triathlon: run, bike, and swim. You have to get through them all to cross the finish line, but if you fall behind in one, you’ll most likely OVERCOMPENSATE in the rest to make up time.

The same thing can happen in your relationships. In which area of your life right now are you overcompensating? Is your business thriving but you’re working too much, causing you to neglect your personal life? Or maybe you’re in a relationship that feels good but forces you to ignore your own needs.

Unlike a triathlon, it’s not healthy to lean into the one that’s currently working best. It may even be TOXIC to the others, and in turn to your overall well-being. Instead you want to aim for the TRI-FECTA – when every relationship is working in harmony with the others.


It’s time to find SUCCESS in your 3 CRITICAL relationships. When they’re in HARMONY, your life will truly start to take off and you’ll find you LOVE it more than ever before. And that’s SUCCESS!

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