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Get the 4-Step Magic Formula To Ignite Business Growth     LEARN MORE

Give Trust Issues the Boot with 5 Simple Steps

Who do you have a hard time trusting? Your spouse? Family members? Maybe your boss or a coworker? What about yourself? Do you have TRUST in YOURSELF?

I recently got a call from a former client of mine. He wanted to share his SUCCESS since the time we had worked together. I’d originally met him about 18 months earlier just after he lost his job. This one event brought him so LOW that every other aspect of his life was suffering as well.

Now, here he was, a little over a year later calling me with an update on his new job, new opportunities, and his new outlook on life! On the phone call, I asked him to summarize his journey. His answer?  TRUST. He said he realized throughout his ReLaunch coaching with me, and well after, his key to this newfound SUCCESS was to build TRUST in himself. He got the dream job. His relationships with his wife and family went from mediocre to phenomenal. Once he started trusting himself internally, trusting externally came naturally.

In order to TRUST others, you must first start with yourself. Here are 5 steps to build TRUST in YOU:


This may sound somewhat cliché. But the simple fact is that if can’t trust yourself to SUCCEED, it’s a good indication you don’t trust yourself in general. To start, be kind. Stop living with your “should haves.” Make a conscious effort to LIKE who you are – and who you can be. This will put you on the path to LOVE yourself, and that SHIFT will be a game changer.


There’s so much noise going on out in the world – now more than ever. But if you take time to listen to what’s happening on the inside, to what you’re feeling on the inside, your INNER VOICE will help guide you AWAY from what’s holding you back and TOWARD a better place.


Have you thought about the STORIES that hold you back? Some may not even be your own. Maybe they’re your parents’ stories, your spouse’s story, or teachers and coaches from your past. For example, if you ascribe to a ‘Work hard, Play hard’ mentality, where did that originate? Perhaps your father or first manager passed it on to you. Explore where your stories come from and how they affect you and your ability to trust yourself.


Imagine yourself in a boxing ring and your opponent is you. If you’re constantly beating yourself up, you can’t MOVE FORWARD. Commit to getting out of the ring and TURN THINGS AROUND. You know yourself better than anyone. Explore how to support YOU – then start cheering!


Integrity may be the most important ingredient to building TRUST in YOU. Keep your word to yourself and try not to waffle – a constant back and forth won’t help you MOVE FORWARD. Commit to INTEGRITY.

Building TRUST in yourself FIRST can help you SUCCEED. Before you know it, amazing things will begin to happen in all areas of your life.

At The ReLaunch Co, we’re ready to help you BUILD TRUST in your life today. Start with our 7 DAY UNSTUCK CHALLENGE. It’s just 7 minutes a day for 7 days. Then, reach out! Come to my FB group, The ReLaunch Effect to SHARE with others. Let’s work together to RELAUNCH today!

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