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3 Steps to Whole Body Wellness

At 25, Emily A. Francis was at a crossroads. Her lifelong struggle with anxiety had taken a drastic turn, resulting in panic attacks and agoraphobia. Her job as a wellness and exercise coach was seemingly finished. How could she lead an exercise class if she didn’t want to leave the house?

That’s when she decided to focus on healing her whole body. Her journey took 7 long years and lots of trial and error. She tried traditional medication, diet changes, she even met with a shaman healer! Each step was integral to finding true healing and help put her on the pathway to help others heal, too. Today, she’s a wellness expert and author who shares her wisdom with others.

If you’re ready to experience whole body wellness, Emily first emphasizes a key point: understand the difference between your mind and your brain. Think of your brain as the motherboard for your body. It’s a physical organ that functions chemically. Your mind is where your thoughts, feelings and behaviors live. Understanding this difference can help you find the right path to healing.

Next, Emily recommends 3 key steps:

  1. Take time to listen to your body

We all have moments in our lives we’d rather forget. And sometimes we actually do – we bury them deep down and keep them there. Believe it or not, you can actually block trauma from your memory. However, your body never forgets. The past can live within your soft tissues, wreaking havoc on your health. Those unpleasant moments from the past can keep you from living a strong, healthy life.

But the memory systems you’re born with do know how to function in a healthy way. The key is to remind them. To start, take time to listen to your body. Over time, you’ll begin to recognize its signals – both good and bad. These signals will begin to guide you towards health.

  1. Be open to alternatives

No matter what your current struggle, it’s important to note that there is always more than one way to heal. Emily was willing to try a variety of methods. She believes each person’s path to healing is unique and encourages you to remain open. Explore your options, which can include:

  • Traditional medicine
  • Physical therapy
  • Counseling
  • Massage
  • Nutrition
  • Spiritual practice
  • Holistic healing

And these are just a few! As you begin to try things out, keep in mind that, like Emily, a combination of approaches might be right for you. This will require time and patience, but you’re worth it!

  1. Treat your whole body

The last step is to remember to treat your whole body, not just the current ailment. This is essential to true and lasting healing. When something is off, there are 4 areas that need attention:

  • Your physical body
  • Your emotions
  • Your life energy
  • Your spirit

Let’s go back to the brain vs. mind distinction as an example. Your brain is an organ with a chemical makeup. You mind is your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. One may need a medicinal approach while the other may require a more holistic one in order to fully heal. However, these can happen at the same time.

Look into practices and therapies that address all 4 areas and you’ll be on the road to whole body wellness.

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