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Get the 4-Step Magic Formula To Ignite Business Growth     LEARN MORE

Recapture your MAGIC in 4 Simple Steps

Are you living your BEST LIFE? Or are you still waiting for you very own Cinderella moment? Sometimes what you thought your life could and should be just doesn’t line up with reality.

It’s time you discovered – or re-discovered! – your magic again, even in midlife. In fact, at the ReLaunch Co (link) we like to call it your MIDLIFE MAGIC. Here are 4 ways you can start to harness that MAGIC– right now!


If you’re having trouble finding your magic, I’ve been there, too! Several years ago, I had the pleasure of attending an event at the White House. It was a true dream come true! But after meeting the President and First Lady, I headed back to my hotel feeling deflated.

Recently divorced, I realized I had no one to share this MAGIC moment with. I felt deflated and very much alone. So, what does any single girl do when she starts to feel sorry for herself? I called my MOM! I told her all about my incredible evening, but I also told her that I felt it was diminished because I was alone. And I didn’t want to lose that magic!

What did my Mom say? BOTTLE IT UP! She told me to keep this MAGIC moment for later – to a time when I could share it with the future man in my life, with all the people I hadn’t met, and with myself.

So I did! And you can, too. No matter where you are right now, start to BOTTLE UP those MAGICAL MOMENTS you don’t want to forget.

Why is the act of keeping your MAGICAL MOMENTS for later important?

In life, you will continue to have setbacks, get knocked down, and encounter more forks in the road. But, even if you take a wrong turn, you still have INCREDIBLE moments to look back on. And these moments can help you recapture your MIDLIFE MAGIC!


But where should you keep these moments? Your TREASURE CHEST – the place you regularly added your MAGICAL moments to as a child. Chances are, yours is currently locked away in your mind. It’s time to DUST IT OFF so that you can SHINE!

Your biggest treasures in life are not TANGIBLE items, but rather the memories and moments you don’t want to forget. I’m sure you have several examples floating around in your mind RIGHT NOW that are ready to be stored somewhere special.

Whether this lives simply in your mind or heart, on paper, or in an actual box or chest, organize what will inspire you. Then, share it with someone. Share it with yourself! Feel that connection it’s giving you back to yourself and to others.

Here’s are some KEY points to filling your TREASURE CHEST:

  • DON’T JUST PUT IN THE BIG EXPERIENCES: As the saying goes… someday you’ll realize the little things in life were the big things.
  • DO IT FOR YOU: This is the key – I thought when I started bottling things up that they were for my future husband. But I realized it was more important that I was sharing these moments with MYSELF – both big and small.
  • FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT TO REMEMBER: Commit the moments you most want to remember,
  • INCLUDE WHAT DEFINES YOU: It’s not about how BIG the moment, but the SIGNIFICANCE of it.

My father always told me he thought I was a MAGIC MAKER. But after my divorce, I couldn’t make magic if my life depended on it. I’d lost perspective and forgotten how to hold onto the belief that I can DO ANYTHING and BE ANYONE. I needed to look at the MOMENTS that defined me.

You are you because of the MOMENTS in your life. The steps you took. The things you worked hard for. The things you didn’t work hard for. The surprises. As you fill your treasure chest with MAGIC MOMENTS, you’ll find the path that leads you to SHOW UP and be your BEST SELF. You’ll rediscover your MAGIC.

This works because when you focus on the INCREDIBLE moments in your life it ELEVATES your mood. This in turn gives you ENERGY to move forward in life. BOTTLE UP your MOMENTS and you’ll be a MAGIC MAKER again!


Once you have your TREASURE CHEST in working order, don’t let your moments gather dust. Use them to:

  • SIT IN THE CONCEPT OF YOU: No matter your age, embrace both a look back as well as examine the present. Especially if you are sitting in what I call MIDLIFE MINEFIELDS. The challenges you are facing today may be clouding your ability to BOTTLE UP what matters most.
  • TAKE NOTE: Take note of the small things you could bring out again when you need them. Write them down, take mental pictures, and allow yourself to feel them.
  • BRING THEM OUT: When you start to feel less than your best, bring out those inspirational moments. Really sit and feel, hear, smell, and recall them. Engage all of your senses. And that will take you BACK to the MAGIC MAKER you once were, and that you can be again!

At the ReLaunch Company, we’re ready to help you find your MIDLIFE MAGIC. Plus, at the ReLaunch Collective, you’ll find even more resources to live your BEST LIFE.

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