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Ready, Set, Relaunch!: A New Podcast The Silver Lined ReLaunch

At some point, you have to hit the record button (as WELL as reset button!). And that’s exactly what happened when I started and launched the podcast, The Silver Lined ReLaunch in less than 30 days. Now, that does not mean that I only thought about doing a podcast for 30 days, it’s been on my “some day” list for quite a while. Just as I’m sure YOU have something on your “some day” list as well!

And why was NOW the time to launch this, during the COVID crisis? Or why is this YOUR TIME to tackle head on your “some day” item? BECAUSE NOW IS YOUR TIME, it’s ALL of our time to GROW and focus on POSSIBILITIES in the future…

The turning point for me? I didn’t have a voice for three days at the front end of having COVID. And I thought, What am I doing, there’s always going to be another setback. Another transition. Another fill in the blank_______________

And I’m SURE you have been in similar situations and felt the SAME thing – okay maybe not having coronavirus……………………………………….. but that same – WHAT NEXT?!?

And that is exactly WHAT my podcast will help you do – that’s my goal. FIND the Silver Linings from the ups and inevitable downs in life we ALL EXPERIENCE – so that you can see your POSSIBILITIES more clearly in what’s next.

So yes, I tested positive for the virus. And yes, I was number 40 in San Francisco to get it. And yes, I was on the early side and the concern was real. BUT I realized then and there that we all have things that we’re going through and I needed to use The ReLaunch Effect I had developed and used with all my clients (listen to EPISODE 3 of my podcast for more on these steps!). My “some day” became NOW!!!


This, too, will pass. But there will be something else. There’s always going to be something else on the other side waiting for you, and then on the other – other side. Your next turn will always present opportunities. Opportunities for growth.


Just like the crazy TSA vs. my water bra story I told in the first episode of my podcast (NOW you’re going to have to listen to it!!) the bottom line is that we ALL have stuff in our bag, stuff we don’t acknowledge the fact is there. And even when people are talking to us about certain things we’re carrying AROUND with us, we can put on blinders and we can put up the walls.

We can choose EXCUSES – reasons for this, and that, and it’s not on us it’s on them or because of them – blame everyone and everything else.

We can choose INTEGRITY – appreciate the insight and take responsibility.


Be aware: We all have our “stuff”. We all have problems that we have to overcome. It’s called life. But it’s important to know when you’re going through something, especially one you’re needing to go through despite how it feels. By becoming aware that there is something going on, some setback, some transition in which you need the chance to change and reset, you’ll have the ability to go forward. Awareness will give you the momentum you need to move through it.

Acceptance: Sometimes just accepting, in addition to being aware, you are stuck or in a transition can help. It signals to you, your mindset, and to the Universe you KNOW where you are at and you KNOW something is off – you need a change / reset. You accept what has happened and are ready to move forward.

Take small steps / actions: Once you are aware and accept your situation or problem you’re facing, by taking one small step forward you can instantly help both yourself and the situation. You can go from being stuck, possibly feeling either overwhelmed OR underwhelmed, and with YOUR small step / action to improve or change whatever you’re facing have the ability to quickly shift your lens. You’ll see the path in front of you. With each small action or step the possibilities and the options that are there will become one step closer.

“Maybe you will realize that growth comes from adversity. and resilience is something that… you don’t learn by being taught it. You learn it by embracing it, by knowing it, by going through your own times. Those times that sometimes just feel like (you) couldn’t move… couldn’t even put one foot in front of the other… If you can imagine a life where you not only like where you are, but you love where you are, you’ll get there.”

– Hilary DeCesare

Start with like:

There will be people that are trying to get you to LOVE your life… love your relationships, love your career, and so on. Love, love, love, love, love. But for so many of us we can’t get to LOVE until we FIRST LIKE. Let’s begin there.

Like before love: Liking is a good first step. You don’t need to LOVE everything, and by getting clarity on where you’re at, and the small steps you can take NOW to get you closer to where you WANT to be, you’ll start developing LIKE. Like for yourself, like for taking action, and like for the momentum. That is how you eventually move towards love. Step by step to go from STUCK, to STEPS, to LIKE, to LOVE. But you definitely need to like a situation, like a job, like a person BEFORE you love it or them!

And that’s the goal of The Silver Lined ReLaunch and all of my coaching programs and courses, to help you turn ordinary transitions into extraordinary transformations.

NOW is your time!

xo, Hilary 

Thank you so much for reading this today…

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