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Get the 4-Step Magic Formula To Ignite Business Growth     LEARN MORE

Steps to Start Over with a Career You’re Passionate About

What if your career aligned with your passion? For some of you, that may already be the case. And my guess is you’re THRIVING. But for the rest of us, finding your life’s true purpose – and getting paid for it – can be a challenge.

I’ve been there, and so has Liani Kotcher. Liani and I have a special relationship – she’s married to my ex-husband! We’ve worked hard to collaborate in a way that benefits our families. And in that process, we found a connection through our shared entrepreneurial spirit.

When Liani and I met, she was at a crossroads. She built a career as a high-profile attorney for a large international firm. But her soul longed to write fiction for young adults. Talk about a shift! When she shared this secret longing, I asked if I could coach her through it. Her life experience and profession made her wary of the benefits of a personal coach, but she gave it a go. And I’m so glad she did!

Through our time together, we discovered 4 key tips to help you go from JUST A PAYCHECK to living your PASSION:


As an executive coach, my own passion is to help people discover their passion. But I’m the guide, not the whole team. That’s why it’s vital to gather the people who can support you as you take the LEAP to a new career.

Who’s on your team? It could be any of the following:

  • Personal/Executive coach
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Coworkers
  • Clients

I’m not kidding! Before you move forward, sit down and draft up the absolute worst thing that could happen if your dream doesn’t work out. My guess is it involves one word – FAILURE. Okay. So what if you don’t make it?

Instead of worrying, make a list of those you could go back to for help if it doesn’t work out. (Hint – start with your team!) Use your contacts to build a safety net for job opportunities and client connections. You probably won’t need it but knowing it’s there can provide a level of comfort you need to take the next step.


Liani didn’t want to let go because her IDENTITY was as a successful attorney. She’d worked hard for it, first in school and then in the workplace. She worried about her value without her credentials.

The truth is, your career – what you do – is just the tip of your IDENTITY ICEBERG. Your beliefs, your past, your experiences, and much more lie beneath the surface. As an executive coach, I often remind my clients of one thing: Your life is MORE than your just your career.

It’s time to LET GO of the career part of your IDENTITY. Reach below the surface and you can begin to REBUILD.


Once you’re free of the part of your IDENTITY that holds you back, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who do I want to be?
  • How do I want to show up in life?
  • Who do I want to serve?

In this way, you can BUILD your new CAREER IDENTITY. When Liani took this critical step, her new identity started to feel better than her old one!

Today, Liani has rebranded from LAWYER to AUTHOR. She’s currently working on her 2nd book. But here’s the SURPRISE TWIST – she took her past experience into her new passion!

In addition to her novels, Liani marries her legal background with crucial publishing tips for others in her new field. Her website rektokross.com and offers a Master Course on copyright law and other important legal topics for writers. In addition, her Facebook Group – The Book Nook by Rektok Ross provides ongoing support to the writing community.

So what are you waiting for? Turn your PASSION into a CAREER you love today in 4 easy steps!

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