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Get the 4-Step Magic Formula To Ignite Business Growth     LEARN MORE

3 Ways to Know When it’s Time to Move On

Have you ever had a goal that felt like a BATTLE to obtain? Perhaps it’s a career move, a relationship, or a project you can’t seem to get off its feet. Regardless of the situation, every step forward means two steps back. It seems the more you PUSH forward, the more you’re PULLED back where you started.

This RESISTANCE may mean it’s time to stop trying and MOVE ON. But how do you know when to throw in the towel?


Think of a time when you tried to force something to happen for all the wrong reasons. Did it work out – or did it fail? Most likely, it simply prolonged the inevitable.

When you force a moment, push a business concept that misses the mark, or work at a relationship that just isn’t happening, you wind up asking yourself: WHY ISN’T THIS WORKING? Then you most likely answer with one of the following:

  • I’m not trying hard enough.
  • I need to put in more time
  • I need to devote more energy.
  • I need to work harder.

Sound familiar?


This is what I call your POP MOMENT – the point of PIVOT.

Imagine opening a bottle of champagne. Wiggling that cork can be a scary – move it too fast and you lose too much of your bubbles, too slow and it won’t even budge. To POP the cork, you need to find the middle zone. The key is to allow yourself just enough change to impact the velocity of the cork.

Are you forcing that project or pushing your relationship? When things aren’t working, when the MOMENTUM isn’t happening, when you continue to encounter RESISTANCE, you know it’s time for a POP.

I believe there are 3 ways to recognize RESISTANCE and MOVE ON:


Does your current situation still serve the direction you want to go? Does it align with your VALUES and INTENTIONS? If it doesn’t serve your WHY in life, it’s time to PIVOT. Like the cork, commit to change one small thing and begin to UNLEASH what you were hoping for.


What do you feel right now? If you’re anxious or fearful then that’s how you’ll show up in life. You have to be able to BREAK AWAY from where you are. If you’re working hard at something you may think more is better. But for this, LESS is MORE. Step back and take a break. In time you’ll know the next step.


If this project blew up, if this relationship didn’t work out, what would your life look like instead? You may just discover you like what you see.


It can be easy to get caught up in the longevity of something. You may think you’re too invested. But wouldn’t you rather avoid more time in the RESISTANT state you’re in now?

Then stop wasting time! When you go through the 3 steps above, you’ll gain PERSPECTIVE. Then you can make positive CHANGES, and the things you really want in your life will start coming in fast.

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