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Get the 4-Step Magic Formula To Ignite Business Growth     LEARN MORE

Why Having Mentors Can Help Your Career Take Off

Stacy Cassio had a dilemma. Working in a male dominated industry, she found the need for some guidance. What she wanted was STRONG females with experiences they’d be willing to share to help her GROW her career.

She needed a MENTOR.

Like so many women, she had a hard time finding someone. Stacy knew women were OUT THERE, and she BELIEVED they would be willing to SHARE their own experiences with others. But there seemed to be a lack of a space or platform for women to do just this.


Stacy’s quest led her to found Pink Mentor Network, a place where women can SUPPORT one another in COMMUNITY. The network’s vision goes beyond the traditional mentor/mentee format. It’s a place where women can DEPOSIT what they’ve learned but also take what they need to DEVELOP and GROW their own careers and businesses – TOGETHER.

The Pink Mentor Network is a new model for mentorship – a COLLECTIVE experience that produces solutions through SHARED experiences.

Let’s face it, women today don’t always have the bandwidth to take on a mentee. But we’re also a new generation of COMMITTED and INTENTIONAL women who have each other’s back! We need a MENTOR and we need to MENTOR.


Do you think you could BENEFIT from a MENTORSHIP? If you’re currently in one of these places within your career or business, it’s a great idea:

  • Just starting out
  • Growing in your career
  • Becoming an expert
  • Innovating
  • Leading others
  • Trying to survive

Ready to get started? Stacy has some KEY TIPS for getting the MOST out of the experience:


Think beyond just one person.

Depending on your needs, you may find that a handful of people make up your mentor team.

This can be a result of the level or area of expertise you need at any given time. Depending on where you are in your career or business, your needs may change. By keeping an open mind and a wider range of contacts, you’ll have the opportunity to reach out to who you need when you need them.


Before reaching out for help, be sure you’re CLEAR about your VISION. This is how a mentor can help you get to the next level.

Be warned – this may mean you hit pause and DISCOVER what it is you actually WANT. This process may not happen overnight, and can take months. In the meantime, try new things and meet new people. Finding someone who is ALREADY where you want to be can help tremendously.

And remember – CLARITY may not happen all at once. That’s okay! As you GROW and CHANGE, things change.


If you feel the need for a CHANGE, it’s time to let others know. And yes, in addition to your mentor, this may mean your colleagues or superiors.

There’s never been a better time than NOW to ARTICULATE your needs.

If this isn’t your strong suit, find a mentor who is more comfortable with this and LEARN from them how to vocally advocate for yourself.


Chances are your mentor(s) lead busy lives with many responsibilities. This makes FLEXIBILITY KEY for a successful mentorship.

As women, we must provide SUPPORT and GIVE EACH OTHER GRACE – especially now. Many of us are working from home and balancing family members learning from home at the same time. So BE FLEXIBLE and the relationships you develop will be AMAZING.

What do you need to GROW in your career? A mentorship – both individual and collective – can be just what you need to reach the NEXT LEVEL.

Pink Mentor Network is a community that allows you to work through the 6 categories of career GROWTH – wherever you are. Take a MASTER CLASS with an expert once a month and then join a COLLECTIVE discussion to SHARE and LEARN with others. Find a MENTOR – and be a MENTOR.

To learn more visit pinkmentornetwork.com.

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