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Get the 4-Step Magic Formula To Ignite Business Growth     LEARN MORE

3 Secrets to Entrepreneurial Confidence

It’s no surprise that 2020 saw a huge increase in women-owned business startups. It’s a great time to take your idea to the next step. But even with this increase, access to funding and ultimate success can remain elusive compared to our male counterparts.

CEO, coach, and bestselling author Eleanor Beaton is committed to helping women reach their goals of successful entrepreneurship. If you’re looking to go out on your own, she shares 3 top secrets to take you further.

  1. Find Your People

As women, we often make the mistake of trying to serve everyone. When it comes to growing your business, this mentality can derail your plans fast. It’s time to tune out the voices that aren’t for you. Keep the people in the room who are rooting for you and want you to succeed. These are your people.

In addition, make sure you seek out those with the experience you still lack. Learn from them. By leaning into their methodology, you can make it your own. This is how you build true entrepreneurial confidence.

  1. Get Out of the Safe Zone

Make an effort to look beyond your current scope. When it comes to running your own business, it can be easy to maintain a lateral mindset. But staying in here can keep you in a safe zone with little room for growth.

In order to grow, embrace flexibility. This doesn’t mean sacrificing your vision or your goals. Be open to trying new things and collaborating with others. An idea that at first seems uncomfortable to you may just be the key to unlocking the next level of success for your business.

  1. Be Enough

Take your focus off abundance. You know, the one that’s all about profit. This mindset takes your eyes off the real goal – a successful business. It also has you constantly asking: “Am I enough?” and “Am I doing enough?” Before you know it, you may find yourself spending more – and losing more – for ideas that just aren’t going to work.

Instead, be enough. Stop second guessing yourself and trust that the direction you’re heading is the right one. Steady growth is the key. Will there be ups and downs? Yes! But they even each other out. This mindset of sufficiency will help you stay focused, grow your business, and be a better leader.

Women entrepreneurs are on the brink of explosive momentum and you can join them. Find your entrepreneurial confidence and you’ll be set to succeed.

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