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3 Steps to Harness Your Power

Are you afraid to fail? Writer/director and podcast host Rahaleh Nassri thinks she knows a key reason why.

At the age of 6, Rahaleh and her family moved from their home country of Iran to the US to escape political turmoil. Her father, a successful businessman, quickly adapted to their new home. However, her mother struggled to learn English. Rahaleh became her translator and guide.

Through the years, she saw her father try and fail in his career. But every time he picked himself up and kept going. However, the message she received was that failing wasn’t an option.

Today, she believes women resist harnessing their power because they’re not conditioned for it.

Rahaleh’s podcast explores interesting women in history who used their power. Here’s how you can, too:

  1. Rewrite the story

In most cultures in the world, men are groomed to do great and heroic things in life. But women aren’t. So they tend to shy away from using their power, settling for what they think is expected of them.

It’s time to rewrite the story women are told.

Stop allowing yourself to believe that you can’t do great things. This starts by rejecting two ideas:

  • Failure is a bad thing
  • Power doesn’t look good on you

Neither are true and just stand in the way of your full potential. Instead, write a new story where failure is not only okay, but encouraged, and power is beautiful.

  1. Take the right risks

Are you a risk taker? If so, you may not be as brave as you think.

Throughout her life, Rahaleh found she often took big risks just so she didn’t have to stay the course she was on. On the surface it seemed like she was putting herself out there. But in reality, she was scared to give it her all.

Make sure the risks you take are for the right reasons.

If you’re on a path that feels uncomfortable, take a moment to pause before you change course.  That discomfort may just be a signal that you’re finally heading in the right direction. It’s possible the riskiest option is to stay the course – and it’s there that you’ll find your power.

  1. Don’t give in to fear

Since women aren’t traditionally conditioned to do brave things, they often don’t. It can be so easy to just give in to fear and a remain of victim of your circumstances. But Rehaleh encourages you to reject this.

Don’t be afraid for bad things to happen because they often shine a light on the path forward.

The right amount of fear can be a good thing- giving you the ability to stop and proceed with caution. But too much fear can prevent you from moving forward.  Instead learn to balance your fear, discern what’s next, then go for it!

You have more power than you know – and it’s just waiting to be used. Harness your power today and get ready for the adventure ahead.

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