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Get the 4-Step Magic Formula To Ignite Business Growth     LEARN MORE

3 Ways to Improve Your Emotional Security

Do any of the following statements describe you?

  • I have physical pain or limitations that don’t have a simple medical explanation
  • I struggle to make it through the day and/or can’t sleep at night
  • Trauma from my past is holding me back
  • I feel stuck

If so, you may need to evaluate your current emotional state. When you’re insecure with your emotions, it can impact your decisions, your relationships, and even your physical health.

Energy Intuitive expert Lara Riggio helps her clients tap into their body’s energy to heal. She believes energy can move either dis-ease or security through your body.

In order to improve your own emotional security, Lara recommends the following:

  1. Start with your symptoms

Hone in on what it is that ails you. When your body or mood is off, it’s a sign something in the way you’re living life is not aligned with your heart.

First, focus in on it. Take time to think about what emotion is being held there. Lara teaches her clients to explore their 12 meridian points, a practice common in Chinese medicine. By tapping certain points that align with your symptoms, you can release the anxiety and tension held here.

Next, ask yourself: what does my body need? This may mean a shift in diet, an earlier bedtime, or something bigger like a break from a tumultuous relationship or a job change.

  1. Follow Your Gut

Most of the time, you can trust your instincts to keep you on the right path. But it can be easy to ignore that feeling of unease. For one, your mind may say the opposite, telling you you’re safe even when your gut doesn’t. Plus, peer pressure can be a powerful force in making the wrong decision, regardless of your age or stage in life.

Instead, listen to your inner voice. Lean in to what feels safe. Then, speak your truth and ask for what you need with love and grace. Ultimately, you alone have the power to give yourself emotional security through your choices.

  1. Be Proactive

It’s hard to make the right choice when you let your emotions get the best of you. This causes you to react to them instead of consciously choosing what you want. In order to get to a better place, you need to be proactive rather than reactive.

Your power – your energy – is in your choices. When you’re proactive, you make decisions from  a place of abundance, one that serves both you and those around you. It’s a place of self-love and love for others.

Your body energy has the potential to bring you dis-ease. But with the right steps, you can use it to improve your emotional security and feel like your best self.

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